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旅行计划 - 获得你的朋友的旅行计划,包含抵达和离开的时间以及机场往返交通。

共享房间 - 获得需要共享住宿房间的人的列表




國家 維基媒體帳號 語言 抵達日期 回國日期 備註
KR Republic of Korea 리듬 ko-N, en-2 2017-08-10 2017-08-14 WM-KR
BR Brazil Rodrigo Padula pt,en,es 2017-08-09 2017-08-14 Wiki Educação Brasil - Panel:Growing a User Group, a roadmap for survival
In India Rogueassasin123 en August 9 August 13 Hit me up at pratik.shetty@tlrfindia.com if you are leaving from Bangalore, India
CA Canada Salvidrim fr, en - - I live in the city
BR Brazil Marcio De Assis pt, en - - -
In India Mohamedudhuman05 en - - -
In India Samiudeen en - - -
In India Shafus en - - -
US United States peatoneil fr,en - - -
DE Germany Ralf Roletschek de, es, ru, en-1, fr-0 2017-08-06 2017-08-18 08-06 to 08-13 in Montreal
DE Germany Bi-frie de, en-1 2017-08-06 2017-08-18 08-06 to 08-13 in Montreal
DE Germany -jkb- de, en, cs, sk, ru, es - - -
de Germany Gnom de, en, it, fr - - looking forward!
es Spain Poco a poco es, en-3, de-4, it-2, fr-2 Aug 10th Aug 13th Cu there!
UK United Kingdom / IE Ireland Deskana (WMF) en-gb-N - - -
de Germany Daniel Mietchen de,en-4,fr-4,ru-4 Aug 7 Aug 13 my Wikimania schedule; will go to offline hackathon, solar eclipse and JupyterCon afterwards; daniel.mietchen@okfn.org / EvoMRI; WMDE scholarship
In India Sulthan90 English,Tamil,Hindi,Urdu - - Waiting for scholarship
DE Germany Sebastian Wallroth de, en-4 2017-08-09 2017-08-14
CA Canada Antoine2711 fr, en-4 Well before Never
DE Germany Kenny McFly de, en-3, is-1, es-1 - - WMDE scholarship
EU Europe Romaine en, nl
NE Nawaraj Ghimire Nepali,Newari,Hindi,Bhojpuri,English - - Waiting for scholarship
UK United Kingdom / US United States Jdforrester (WMF) en-gb-N - - -
ng Nigeria Jamie Tubers en-N, yo-N, fr-1 8th August 14th August Submission: Is Wikimedia Doing Enough in Africa?
DE Germany Gereon K. de-N, en-5, pt-1, es-1, sv-1, nl-1, sh-1, fr-0 YUL 8 Aug 19.45 YUL 14 Aug 18.45 -
US United States Missvain en - - -
AR Argentina Banfield es-N; en-3; it-1 TBD TBD
CA Canada Jane Bingley fr, en - - I live in the city
BE Belgium SPQRobin nl-N, en-4, fr-2, de-2 - - -
UK United Kingdom Charles Matthews en-gb-N, fr-2 - - -
fr France Guillaume Thiolliere fr, en 2016-08-08 2016-08-18 Pibox installer, Ideascube, Kiwix, openZIM, offline
fr France Starmad fr, en 2016-08-08 2016-08-18 Kiwix, openZIM, Ideascube, offline
In India Abdulazeem90 en,malay,ta - - -
CA Canada Anne Delong en
Bd Bangladesh Tanweer Morshed bn-N, en-4 August 9th August 14th I'm from Wikimedia Bangladesh. I'll be presenting 3 talks, including this one.
de Germany Marcus Cyron de, en-2 before the hackathon after the conference WMDE scholarship
de Germany John Weitzmann (WMDE) de, en night of 7th to 8th August late 13th August WMDE staff (Legal and Policy Advisor)
In India Thoufeekaha en - - -
Gh Ghana Masssly en-3 Submissions/What Works For Africa? A diagnosis of Wikipedia outreach efforts in Africa.
de Germany MB-one de-N, en-3, fr-2, pt-1 Aug 7th Aug 14th Arriving on AC 428 from Toronto; leaving by Via Rail towards Ottawa; Submissions/Wikidata is for everyone (not just for tech people) & Submissions/Commons categorizer meetup 2017
NO Norway / es Spain Góngora es-N, en-4, ca-4, no-2 Aug 8th Aug 14th WMF partial scholarship. Arriving on Aug 8th by train/bus from New York City.
au Australia Graham87 en 9 August 15 August
IL Israel Ovedc en 9 August 15 August Submissions/An Orphan Wants to be Adopted
- BU Rob13 en 10 August 14 August Submission: Copyright for Dummies
US United States SSastry (WMF) en, kn, hi - - I can talk about about Parsoid, Linter, Wikitext Parsers, Tidy replacement. Please talk to me about anything you wish me to be aware of / understand / consider in the work I / we do.
ES-CT Catalonia Lluis_tgn ca-N, es-N, en-4, fr-1 - - WMF full scholarship, submission: WikiArS: Arts&Design Schools + Wikimedia movement
nl Netherlands Sjoerddebruin nl-N, en-3, de-1 ? ? WMNL scholarship
CA Canada Ouvrard fr, en August 9 August 13
IL Israel ערן he, en August 7 after the conference Submissions/Integrating Wikidata to Infoboxes; WMIL scholarship
au Australia JarrahTree en August 8 August 15
US United States Jackiekoerner en-N, de-4 ? ? Birth of Bias: implicit bias’ permanence on Wikipedia Wikipedia Visiting Scholars
US United States Frank Schulenburg de-N, en-4, fr-3, la-2 August 9th August 15th
DE Germany Nicole Ebber (WMDE) de-N, en-4 tba tba WMDE staff; Talk to me about movement strategy! Submissions: Movement Strategy: How Wikimedia Organizations shape the future of the movement & Bringing Wikimedia conferences to the next level
au Australia samwilson en WMF staff
de Germany / fr France Lea Lacroix (WMDE) fr-N, en-4, de-0.5 08.08.2017 14.08.2017 WMDE staff. Wikidata, documentation sprint, community communication
de Germany Christoph Jauera (WMDE) de-N, en-4, fr-0.75 04.08.2017 14.08.2017 WMDE staff, software development, The Technical Wishes Project - Submission: Cats, goats and awesome requests: Highlights from the Technical Wishlist
- Leszek Manicki (WMDE) pl-N, en-3, fi-3, de-1, fr-0 07.08.2017 14.08.2017 WMDE staff, Wikidata, Lexicographic data on Wikidata
de Germany Johanna Strodt (WMDE) de-N, en-3, fr-1, es-1, el-0.5 08.08.2017 15.08.2017 WMDE staff, The Technical Wishes Project, community communication
de Germany Thiemo Mättig (WMDE) de-N, en-3 07.08.2017 14.08.2017 Wikidata developer at Wikimedia Deutschland, also active in The Technical Wishes Project
US United States / BD Bangladesh Rummana Yasmeen en, bn, hi 08.08.2017 14.08.2017 Talk to me about Quality Assurance for Wikimedia projects
de Germany DerFussi de-N, en-2 2017-08-07 2017-08-17 Wikidata integration to Wikivoyage and other features on Wikivoyage
Wikivoyage Board member, admin, bureaucrat and developer on Wikivoyage/de
us United States / nl Netherlands Roan Kattouw (WMF) nl-N, en-4, de-2, fr-2 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 -
us United States Aubrie Johnson (WMF) en-N, ja-2 2017-08-10 2017-08-14 WMF staff. Co-presenting A Medieval pope skeleton dancing with Taylor Swift in an Iraqi telecom commercial. Talk to me about all things social media (and gifs)!
de Germany Elisabeth Mandl (WMDE) de-N, en-4, nl-2, fr-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMDE staff, Talk to me about reaching out to new editors, communications in general and cool websites
de Germany Jan Apel (WMDE) de-N, en-4, it-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMDE staff, spokesman for Wikimedia Deutschland, Talk to me about communications, reaching out to new editors
fr France Envlh fr-N, en-3 2017-08-01 2017-08-16 -
us United States Anne Gomez (WMF) en, some es 2017-08-10 2017-08-13 WMF staff. Talk to me about New Readers (offline, affordability, awareness), and programs at the Foundation. Submissions: Free knowledge for complete beginners: introducing Wikipedia to new readers & Knowledge for everyone: making access affordable
us United States Smalyshev (WMF) ru-N,en-5,he-3,uk-2,es-1 2017-08-10 2017-08-17 Wikidata, Wikidata Query Service, Search, Linked Data, Structured Data
de Germany Freddy2001 de-n, en-3, nl-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 -
us United States Joel7687 en-N, fr-2 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 my lightning talk proposal
In India Sek2016 en August 8 August 14 Currently GSOC intern working on the Outreach Dashboard project. I Stay in Pune, Email-id: sejal.khatri5@gmail.com
mk Macedonia Liridon sq-N, en-4, mk-3 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 -
GB United Kingdom MartinPoulter en-N, fr-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WIR at the University of Oxford, based at the Bodleian Libraries
CA Canada Viticulum fr, en-4 Before After I live in the city
CA Canada Lierre24 fr, en-4 Before After I live in the city
CA Canada Lea_Chateauneuf fr-N, en-3 Before After I live in Montreal
CA Canada DarkFireTaker EN, FR - - Wikipedian for over a decade, and from Montreal!
DE Germany Bahnmoeller de, en=3 2017-08-11 2017-08-14 Wikipedia Kontor Hamburg
WMDE part scolarship
DE Germany LEP Hamburg de, en=1 2017-08-11 2017-08-14 I belong to Bahnmoeller
WMDE part scolarship
DE Germany Verena Lindner (WMDE) de-N, en-4, fr-2, es-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMDE staff, talk to me about reaching out to new editors, online campaigning, onboarding in Wikipedia or attend On-Wiki Campaigning to Engange New Editors
SE Sweden Ainali sv-N, en-4 2017-08-08 2017-08-14
DE Germany / eu Europe Cornelius Kibelka (WMDE) de, en-4, pt-3, es-3 2017-08-07 2017-08-14 WMDE staff. I'm hosting the WMCON Follow-Up Day during the pre-conference as the Program & Engagement Coordinator for the Wikimedia Conference. Talk to me about the Wikimedia Conference (in Berlin) & conferences in general. My submission: Bringing Wikimedia conferences to the next level – Experiences and learnings from three years of organizing
US United States Fuzheado en-N 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Come to Wikiconference North American preconf days!
US United States GorillaWarfare en-N, es-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14
it Italy Elitre (WMF) it-N, en-3, fr-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Come find me and let's chat about all things m:Technical Collaboration! Also, join me Saturday 12, 3-3:45pm, in Salon 2, level 2 for a focused chat on tech ambassadors and tech translators.
US United States mxn en, vi-2, es-2 2017-08-10 2017-08-14 Talk to me about OpenStreetMap or the Vietnamese communities
FR France VIGNERON fr-N, en-2, br-2, etc. 2017-08-8 2017-08-16 All sort of Wikistuff : Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Wikisource (and interconnection between these projects). WMF Scholarship
ru Russia frhdkazan tt-N, ru-N, en-4, fr-3, tr-3, it-3 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 My submission: Wikipedias in the languages of Russia
ca Canada JmaJeremy en,fr,de - - I haven't been so active on Wiki lately, but I live in Montreal so can't pass up the opportunity!
US United States Funcrunch en-N 2017-08-09 2017-08-13
CA Canada Clayoquot en-N, fr-2 2017-08-10 2017-08-14
de Germany Christianvater de, en-4 2017-08-10 after the conference University of Heidelberg - CRC 933 "Material Text Cultures". Our submission: Two Years of Cooperation
de Germany TweetsFactsAndQueries en, de 2017-08-08 after the conference attending privately; part of Submissions/SPARQL – a gentle introduction to the Wikidata Query Service
pl Poland Stanisom pl,en,fr - - I live in the city
BG Bulgaria Vodnokon4e bg-N, en-4, ru-3, cs-2 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMPL scholarship for CEE, you can email me at asenstefanov28bg@gmail.com
uk United Kingdom Deryck Chan yue,en,zh,de-2,ja-1 2017-08-09 2017-08-14 Panel of "Wikidata in infoboxes" session
de Germany Birgit Müller (WMDE) de, en 2017-08-08 2017-08-14
US United States Rachel Helps (BYU) en-N, eo-2 2017-10-08 2017-14-08 happy to chat about GLAM
PL Poland Yarl pl, en 2017-08-09 2017-08-18 WMPL scholarship
de Germany Katja Ullrich (WMDE) de, en 2017-08-10 2017-08-14 WMDE staff, Attribution Generator, information material, open content
NO Norway Hogne NN-N, EN-4 2017-08-09 2017-08-14 WMNo Chair, Submissions/Political elections - Wikipedia matters
NL Netherlands Grijz nl-N, en-4, fr-3, de-2 2017-08-09 2017-08-14 WM-NL Chair, Board Member Training and Support, Chairs meeting
FI Finland Paju fi-N, en-3, sv-3, de-2, ru-1.5, et-1, fr-0.5 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Wikimedia Finland grant
FR France Pymouss fr-N, en-3, br-2, de-2 2017-08-8 2017-08-16 WMF partial scholarship
Submissions/Transl-a-thon: Wikidata in your language
FR France Léna fr-N, en-4 2017-08-09 2017-08-16 Programm Committee - Project Grants Committee - Code of Conduct for Technical spaces Committee
NL Netherlands Multichill nl-N,en-3,fr-1,de-1 2017-08-08 Arriving on the Wikitrain. Submission: The Sum of all paintings is just the start
CN China Zhxy_519 zh-N, en-3, ja-4, ko-2, fr-2 - -
FR France Trizek (WMF) fr-N, en-3, es-2, br-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMFr Community liaison
KR Republic of Korea -revi ko-N, en-3 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMF Scholarship
SV El Salvador Hannibal sv-N, en-4 2017-08-08 2017-08-13 WMF Scholarship, happy to talk about our weekly gender gap editathons in Sweden
FR France Pyb fr-N, en-2 2017-08-06 2017-08-13 Will organize a WikiFromage / WikiCheese session !
de Germany Michael Jahn WMDE de-N, en-4 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMDE staff, communications & partnerships, will attend pre-conferene workshop on new editors, host workshop on building teams
IL Israel אומנות he, en 08-08 08-14
EE Estonia Kruusamägi et, en 08-08 08-15
FR France Alexandre Hocquet fr-N, en-4, es-4, it-1 2017-08-8 2017-08-15 pour la promotion du WikiMOOC
Ch Switzerland Kelson fr-N, en-4, de-4 2017-08-11 2018-08-18 Kiwix & openZIM & offline distribution
Ch Switzerland Stephane (Kiwix) fr, en, de, es, zh 08.08 08.15 Hit me up for all things Kiwix
ua Ukraine Visem uk, ru-3, en-3, be-3, fr-2, mo-2, fa-2, ro-2, ar-1, tr-1, es-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14
gr Ftsalamp gr, en, de 2017-08-06 2017-08-14 WMF Scholarship
fr France Djiboun fr-N, en-3, de-1 2017-08-04 2017-08-18 Just a contributor to Wikipedia, Commons, Wiktionnary, Wikidata, Wikibooks, Wikivoyage, Wikispecies
DE Germany Moritz Rahm (WMDE) de-N, en 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMDE staff (advisor to the supervisory board; movement strategy WMDE discussion coordinator)
dk  / de Germany Anne Kierkegaard (WMDE) da, en, de 2017-08-08 2017-08-16 WMDE staff
CL Chile Claudio Ruiz (CC) es, en 2017-08-10 2017-08-13 Creative Commons
Nl Netherlands SRientjes en, de, nl 2017-08-09 2017-08-16 WMNL staff
US United States MusikAnimal en, es-2 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Engineer at Community Tech, and long-term, passionate Wikipedian. I'm extremely excited about my first Wikimania!
IT Italy Camelia.boban ro-n, it-5, en-2, fr-1 2017-08-07 2017-08-14 Wikimedia Italia scholarship. Enterprise analyst programmer living in Rome, WikiDonne project & Feminism Portal founder, WikiDonne UG co-founder, new AffCom member, interested in education, software & tools, gender gap, WLM and Wikidata.
IT Italy Laurentius it-n, en-3, es-1 2017-08-05 2017-08-18 Wikimedia Italia chair, Funds Dissemination Committee member.
CA Canada Rozmador fr-n, en-3, es-1, eo-0 2017-08-12 2017-08-13 evening Simple volunteer, but really motivated. First time going to Wikimania. I live in Québec.
IT Italy OrbiliusMagister it-n, en-3, la-3 grc-3 2017-08-04 2017-08-18 Wikimedia Italia scholarship, it.wikisource.org sysop
FR France PierreSelim fr-n, en-3, es-0 2017-08-03 2017-08-15 commons Sysop/Oversighter, pictures, software & tools, evaluation
CL Chile Warko es, en 2017-08-08 2017-08-13 Wikimedia Chile, WMF scholarship
NL Netherlands Effeietsanders nl, en, de-2 2017-08-08 - Wiki Loves Monuments international team
US United States Checkingfax en 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Volunteering at Wikiconference North America and at Wikimania every day!
DE Germany Martin Kraft de,en 2017-08-07 2017-08-14
uk United Kingdom pigsonthewing en 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 aka Andy Mabbett
EE Estonia Oop et-n, en-4, ru-3, pl-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMF scholarship; mostly interested in copyright (particularily FoP) and tango
MX Mexico ProtoplasmaKid es-n, en-3 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Wikimedia Mexico. WMF scholarship. Also attending Wikiconference North America.
FR France Tpt fr-n, en-3 2017-08-07 2017-08-14 Reach me for technical stuff related to Wikisource and askplatyp.us
US United States FULBERT en-N, fr-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Looking forward to my first Wikimania to bring what I learn back to my #nonprofit work in #NYC
de Germany Jonas Kress (WMDE) de,en 2017-08-08 2017-08-13 WMDE staff Wikidata and Wikidata Query
- Sargoth de-n, en-4, fr-3, at-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Interested in Diversity, gentleness, radical politics, and oversight stuff
rs Serbia Dungodung sr, en 2017-08-04 2017-08-13 Wikimedia Serbia
US United States Rfarrand (WMF) en-N 2017-08-06 2017-08-14 Hackathon!!
de Germany Manuel Merz (WMDE) de-N, en-4 2017-08-10 2017-08-14 WMDE staff (evaluation & partnerships)
gb-sct  / US United States JSutherland (WMF) en-N, es-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Wikimedia staff; talking training modules, OTRS, and other Foundationy things.
de Germany CSteigenberger (WMF) de-en-fr August 8th After Conference
DE Germany Denis Schroeder (WMDE) de-N, en-5, es-3, nds-2, fr-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMDE staff and part of the WMDE communications team. Excited to chat about all things online communications and social media.
ES Spain Millars ca-N, es-N, en-3, it-3, fr-3, de-1, pt-1 2017-08-04 2017-08-14
de Germany Veronika Krämer (WMDE) de-N, en-4, fr-3, no-2, es-1 2017-08-07 2017-08-14 WMDE staff (volunteer support)
de Germany Julian Fischer (WMDE) de-N, en-4, fr-2, es-2 2017-08-07 2017-08-14 WMDE staff (Head of Volunteer Support)
de Germany Lydia Pintscher (WMDE) de-N, en-4, es-1, la-1 2017-08-07 2017-08-17 Wikidata product manager
in India Pavanaja kn-N, en-4, tcy-4, hi-2, ml-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Kannada, Tulu Wikipedian, Member, Karavali Wikimedians User group
de Germany Christina Rupprecht (WMDE) de-N, en, fr 2017-08-09 2017-08-14 WMDE staff and part of the education team. Talk to me about: Open Education & OER, Attribution Generator, educational tools, cooperations with educational & science institutions. My submission: Wikimedia_and_Education:_Linking_these_two_with_technology
de Germany Sarah Behrens (WMDE) de-N, en, fr 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMDE staff (science team). Let's meet up and have a chat about Open Science & Open Science Fellows Program [1]. My submission: [2]
us United States DTankersley (WMF) en August 8th August 17th WMF staff. Talk to me about search and discovery related topics—we're looking for people that are fluent in languages other than EN to help with our research.
US United States Rhododendrites en 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Interested to learn/talk about outreach, education, policy, culture, GLAM, etc. -- as a volunteer and as User:Ryan (Wiki Ed). Sessions: Other-a-thon (Friday), Wikipedia Visiting Scholars (Saturday).
us United States TJones (WMF) en-N, es-2, fr-1 August 9th August 14th WMF staff. Always happy to talk about search, in any language, and how we can make it better. Looking for a collaborator to help me build a gadget during the hackathon.
de Germany Bücherwürmlein de-N, en-3, es-1, fr-1 August 8th Augus 15th Chair of the Board, WMDE
kr Republic of Korea 95016maphack kr-N, en-2 August 10th Augus 14th
ua Ukraine Aced uk-N, ru-4, en-3 8 August 14 August Wikimedia Ukraine scholarship
il Israel Amire80 he, ru, en, ca 10 15 Most people don't know English
it Italy Sannita it, nap, en-3, es-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14
Ch Switzerland GastelEtzwane fr-N, en-N, de-4, es-1 2017-08-08 2018-08-18 Contributions d'élèves du secondaire: Vikidia vs. Wikipedia (Lightning talk in French, Sat 16:00-16:50), also Submissions/Grass-root distribution of Kiwix in West African schools and working on distributing Kiwix in Latin America
IT Italy Ruislip Gardens it, en-3 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Wikimedia Italia scholarship. 18 years old, staying in Montréal from 08/08 to 13/08. I LOVE ART AND ARCHITECTURE!
IT Italy Archeolucia it 2017-08-07 2017-08-14 Wikimedia Italia scholarship
IT Italy Epantaleo it Wikimedia Italia scholarship
IT Italy Wittylama en, it-2 2017-08-09 2017-08-14 Wikimedia Italia scholarship
IT Italy Baruneju it-N, en-3, fr-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-15 Wikimedia Italia board member. First Wikimania Joining Learning days (Wed), hackaton (Thu), and main conference.
IT Italy iopensa it-N, en-3, fr-3 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 scholarship Wikimedia Foundation, member Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia Switzerland, lead Wikimania Esino Lario 2016.
AM Armenia Armineaghayan hy-N, en-3, fr-2 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMF scholarship
SE Sweden Sara Mörtsell (WMSE) sv-N, en-4, fr-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Wikipedia & Education + GLAM. Talk to me about Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017
fr France / us United States Guillaume (WMF) fr-N, en-4 2017-08-07 2017-08-14 user:guillom
us United States SuperHamster en-N, fa-2 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 AKA Kevin Payravi. Helping organize WikiConference North America; ask me about the Ohio Wikimedians User Group, Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States, and Wikipedia Asian Month.
LV Papuass lv-N, en-3, ru-2 2017-08-08 2017-08-15 WMF scholarship
it Italy / at Austria XanonymusX de-N, it-3, en-3, nl-2 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMAT scholarship
pl Poland Pundit pl-N, en-4, ru-1, de-1 2017-08-08 2017-08-13 WMF Board member, talk to me about research, strategy, governance, the FDC
us United States / ir Iran LZia_(WMF) fa, en 2017-08-08 2017-08-13 WMF Research. Talk to me about the research on knowledge gaps and recommendation systems, characterizing Wikipedia readers, diversifying the editor base, understanding harassment, or some other research topic you'd like to chat about.
MX Mexico Salvador_alc es, en 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Wikimedia Mexico. WMF scholarship
ca Canada Quiddity (WMF) en-N 2017-08-04 2017-08-16 user:quiddity, WMF Staff, Community Liaison, talk to me about software development, design, communication, documentation, cloud services/toolforge (formerly labs), new editors, wishlists, and wikimedia cuteness association
us United States TBolliger (WMF) en 8/7 8/14 Lets talk about Anti-Harassment tools!
uk United Kingdom mhutti1 en 2017-08-08 2017-08-13 Kiwix Android
hu Hungary Tgr hu-N,en-4 2017-08-08 2017-08-13 WM-HU, WMF Readers
BR Brazil Castelobranco pt-N, en-3, eo-3, es-1, fr-1 2017-08-05 2017-08-14 WMF Scholarship
es Spain / cl Chile Diego_(WMF) es, pt, en 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 WMF Research. Just started at WMF. Please talk about ideas/interests/question that you think can be interesting for research.
de Germany Slashme en-af-de 2017-08-07 2017-08-14
us United States L235 en 2017-08-05 2017-08-14 President, WM-US-IA. Talk to me about anything!
DE Germany Ricarda Busse (WMDE) de-N, en-3, fr-1, it-1, es-1 2017-08-09 2017-08-14 WMDE staff (Executive Assistant to the Executive Director)
us United States Daniel Case en-US, ru-3, fr-2, ar-1, bg-1, es-1 2017-08-10 2017-08-14 Going to Wikimania in another country ... and being able to drive there! And stop and hike in the Adirondacks on the way there and back! Perfect!
ua Ukraine NickK uk, ru, en-4, fr-4, de-2 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Thanks for WMF for the scholarship
cz Czech Republic Jagro cs, sk, en-3, pl-2, ru-2, sk-2 2017-08-08 2017-08-21
us United States Jkatz (WMF) en 2017-08-10 2017-08-14 Let's talk about the reading experience (WMF Readers)
CA Canada Cobblet en, yue, zh 2017-08-10 2017-08-13 -
us United States LiAnna (Wiki Ed) en 2017-08-09 2017-08-14 Wiki Education Foundation staff.
at Austria Plani de-N, en-3 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Join me at my talk Constitutional Court meets Wikipedia on Friday, 3 p.m.
us United States CKoerner (WMF) en-N 2017-08-08 2017-08-14 Wikimedia Foundation staff.
us United States MidwestCuttlefish en-N, fr-1, ar-2 2017-08-09 2017-08-14 DePaul University Wikipedian in Residence.
us United States Adamw en-N,es-2 - - WMF ORES developer.
UK United Kingdom MassiveEartha en-UK, jam-4 2017-08-09 2017-08-14 AfroCROWD




國家 維基媒體帳號 語言 抵達日期 回國日期 備註
fr France Benoît Prieur fr-en-pt au début du hackathon voire avant dernier jour Envisage de proposer une présentation + être volontaire (si je peux être utile).
US United States Dineshkumar Ponnusamy ta-en-hi Before Hackathon After Conference Based on Scholarship.
fr France Kvardek du fr-en-es-eo ?? ??
ca Canada Mkdw en-5 after the conference Based upon availability and scholarship
de Germany Rlbberlin de-en not sure After Conference Based on Scholarship.
de Germany Pearli123 de-en not sure not sure, probably after the conference Based on Scholarship.
us United States Geraldshields11 en start of hackathon After Conference Scholarship will increase probability. I want to volunteer to be the still photographer.
us United States Smallbones2 en, ru-2 pretty early pretty late maybe 90%
it Italy Adert it, en-2 .. .. depends on scholarship.
de Germany BlaueWunder de-en-fr not yet seen to flight and accommodation depends friendly (female) co-attendends will increase chances; scholarship, too
PH Philippines Sky Harbor en-N, tl-N, es-2, pl-2, zh-2, fr-1, ja-1 TBD TBD Since I missed Wikimania last year, I hope to return again this year. Looking forward to presenting at least one presentation/panel, but that said, this is dependent on a scholarship.
INDIA Unknown country Girirajek English, Tamil Not sure Not sure COMMENT
de Germany gkepi de-en aug 09 aug 13 above this line -
ua Ukraine Ліонкінг uk-en-fr Pre-Conference Few days after the Conference



國家 維基媒體帳號 語言 抵達日期 回國日期 備註
it Italy Yiyi it-N, en-3 ??? ??? Based on Scholarship
tn Tunisia Touzrimounir ar-N,fr-4, en-3 August 8th August 15th Based on Scholarship
hk Hong Kong 1233thehongkonger zh, en-4,zh-yue ??? ??? Based on Scholarship
ca Canada Miriya52 en-3 ?? ??
tn Tunisia Ovva Olfa en-3 -- -- Based on Scholarship
ma Morocco زكريا en,fr,ar,es-1 ?? ?? Based on Scholarship,

would co-present

tn Tunisia Saber_omri ar-4, en-1 - - -



國家 維基媒體帳號 語言 抵達日期 回國日期 備註



國家 維基媒體帳號 語言 抵達日期 回國日期 備註
es Spain Zerabat es - - Not this year.
BD Bangladesh Nahid.rajbd bn - - Not this year.
UA Ukraine Base uk - - Visa.