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I am a purple box

Hello, I am Deryck Chan. Wikimania 2017 was be the first time I travelled to Canada. I attended Wikimania 2017 with a WMF full scholarship.

My submission: Submissions/invoke:Wikidata, which became Wikidata and infoboxes panel

Travel plan

  • 5th August - fly from London Heathrow to Toronto Pearson. Stay with relatives in Ontario until 9th morning.
  • 9th August - travel from Toronto via Ottawa to Montreal
  • 10th August - Wikimania pre-con day 2
  • 11th August - Wikimania day 1
    • 8:45 - 10:30 Opening ceremony and plenary
    • 14:00 - 15:00 Wikidata & infoboxes panel discussion - as panellist (time TBC)
    • 19:00 - 20:00 Asian Wikimedian meetup, Ballroom (level 4)
  • 12th August - Wikimania day 2
  • 13th August - Wikimania day 3
  • 14th August - evening flight from Montreal to London

Sessions attended

Thursday 10 August

  • Morning-lunchtime: Hang around hackathon to chat with people
    • Search: Further metrics will be included in how the search box ranks things. phab:T145427
  • 14:30-18:30 - Hike up Mont-Royal, then see McGill University, Rue Ste-Catherine, Chinatown with User:Papuass and User:Imzadi1979
  • 19:00-23:00 - Opening party

Friday 11 August

  • Opening ceremony: tribute to Bassel. Wikipedia is inherently political. Stay safe and make yourself known to WMF.

Saturday 12 August

  • Keynote: Susan Herman on the history of ACLU and the ongoing defence of civil liberties - "no civil liberty battle (automatically) stays won"
  • Alexandra Elbakyan (Sci-Hub): Any open access is good, legal or illegal!
  • Wikimedia Tech Ambassadors discussion: Focus on Ambassadors as a strong relationship between WMF Tech team and individual Wikimedia projects. Provide point of contact both ways.
  • Dana Wagner from FactsCan on fact-checking: from her perspective, fact-checking isn't culture-dependent.
  • Got soaked in group photo
  • Breton folk dancing hosted by Lea

Sunday 13 August

Monday 14 August

  • Sightseeing Old Montreal, the port, and Boulevard Saint-Laurent with User:CFCF and User:KTC

About me

My main on-wiki responsibilities are sysop duties on the English Wikipedia and Cantonese Wikipedia. I deal with specialist deletion discussions on the English Wikipedia and translate articles about English and German places into Cantonese. I also try to reconcile Wikidata entries that have become disjoint because different cultures often independently invent the same ideas and call them different names. As a long-time Wikimedian I also have a tendency to polish whatever article I stumble upon.

In my day job, I am a doctoral researcher in civil engineering at Cambridge University. I was the founding president of Cambridge University Wikipedia Society.

I have attended six previous Wikimanias:


Accountability of the scholarship application process is a hot topic of debate every year. I am one of the fortunate few to have been offered a full scholarship. To do my little bit, I have published the main part of my scholarship application on this wiki for future scholarship applicants and judges' use.

My standard WMF scholarship report is here: m:Grants:TPS/Deryck Chan/Wikimania/2017/Report