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WikiArS: Arts&Design Schools + Wikimedia movement
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Lluís Madurell
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Amical Wikimedia
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We are building an amazing free encyclopedia but we are still way behind in some areas compared to traditional ones. As we grow we face the need for scientific illustrations in order to improve the quality of our articles. WikiArS initiative is looking to fill this gap creating synergies between Art and Design Schools and GLAM institutions. We aimed this to be useful to students in their learning activities as well as providing images and content for Wikimedia projects and other free culture projects. The content created has a high value both for the GLAM institution, as they can use it for their own material, and for our Wikimedia projects as we can fill several key articles that otherwise would not have recieved any image.
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Knowledge of a different way to work with students and Wikipedia beyond writing/improving an article.
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25 minutes or less
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