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From Wikimania

Attending Wikimania with continuous hope to learn better the ways of some more complex tools and procedures, to gain further abilities to make all kinds of more technical edits and knowing better how to deal with hostile or uncooperative environments; gain more knowledge and ease about procedures to have an equal privileged editing environment for a lot of fields I encountered on Wikipedia. This are mainly current events and politics - and mostly current events involving politics - that is in my view the subjects creating most enthusiasm and with that becomes most sensitive for Wikipedia-environmental deterioration.

Volunteered myself for about a year in work shops, where helping others to learn editing and content issues with the more simple tools I have full knowledge myself; this increased my involvement and desire to help myself and others further with editing obstacles. Other than that, almost all of my other activities are on English and Hebrew Wikipedias. Few on Wikimedia commons.

Also attended Wikimania 2011 for a day and attended Wikimania in Italy in 2016 on a scholarship.

Looking forward to keep learning the more complex issues, to get to know more people at this Wikimania, come out with fruitful knowledge and ideas, and wish for others.