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Free knowledge for complete beginners: introducing Wikipedia to new readers

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Anne Gomez, Jack Rabah, Kacie Harold, Zack McCune

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AGomez (WMF), JRabah (WMF), KHarold (WMF), ZMcCune (WMF)

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USA, Jordan
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Wikimedia Foundation New Readers team

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meta:New Readers

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How can we bring new people into the Wikimedia Movement? Every contributor starts as a reader before they click "edit," write code, or otherwise participate. More readers around the world will also mean more contributors, especially among people, languages, and cultures that are underrepresented in the wikis now.

But the experiences of people coming online today are vastly different than they were 16 years ago. People's first internet connections now are mostly on mobile phones instead of desktops. They're inundated with ads and experiences from brands looking to monetize them, and they often join the internet through social media to stay connected to friends and family. How can we support new readers in learning

In 2016, the Foundation undertook a research project to better understand how people in countries where Wikimedia isn't well known approach learning, knowledge, and the Internet. Since then, we've been working within the organization and with others in the Movement to develop a plan and pilot efforts to increase readership primarily in Nigeria, India, and Mexico. We'll share the research we've done, what we're trying to address, and how you can get involved. We'd love to collaborate with you!

What will attendees take away from this session?
  • High level understanding of research takeaways from deep research in Mexico, India, Nigeria
  • Ways to get involved in bringing new readers into the Movement
  • Knowledge of different ways that the Foundation is testing and experimenting
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  • WikiCulture & Community
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Beginning +

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55 minutes

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If possible, please place this session earlier in the schedule than Wikipedia Unplugged, How to raise awareness for Wikipedia: lessons from Iraq & Nigeria, & Knowledge for everyone: making access affordable
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  8. Angie Rodebaugh 11 August 2017 attended I attended this meeting yesterday. I mentioned that I believe it would be great if we can create a .net page that would be similar to the "Google" or "Yahoo" search page. It would be a blank page with the exception of the word "Wikipedia" in the middle of the page and underneath this there would be a search box. This would be helpful for people that utilize the Wiki often. Once they enter their search word or words, the search results would appear at the top as normal however Wiki search results would be listed at the top of the list and other search results would appear below these. I believe adding this "search" page would make the Wiki more interesting for students that are accustomed to this type of search experience. Thank you Angie