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I am the project assistant of Wikimedia Deutschland's International Relations team. I have previously worked with project coordination, communication and technical writing in Denmark, Germany and Palestine.

Please feel free to contact me: anne.kierkegaard [a]

About me

I am from Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a BA in EU-studies and an MA in international public administration, both from Roskilde University. I have two children (age 7 and 3), who fortunately enjoy children's literature as much as I do, hence many a Sunday afternoon spent in the company of the Moomins, Harry, and Maya & Tavo - and their like. I also enjoy science fiction as well as world literature and world cinema. Before moving to Berlin in early 2016, my family and I lived in Ramallah, Palestine. I started working with Wikimedia Deutschland in July 2017.

“Is subjectivity or objectivity more important when attempting to reveal the greatest truth?” - Cheryl Strayed

"Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man." - The Dude