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Wikidata is for everyone (not just for tech people)
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Matti Blume / User:MB-one
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This presentation is intended to be partly a motivational speech, partly a potential analysis from a non-developer's perspective, about the importance of structured data for Wikimedia projects. Questions, that will be answered are: Why should non-tech people care about wikidata? Will Wikidata worsen my editing experience? Isn't structured data only relevant for bots? I want to shed a light on those issues and and

What will attendees take away from this session?

Wikidata is there to stay and yet large proportions of the communities are reluctant to embrace the idea of using it in Wikipedia and other projects. In this session attendees will get a new perspective on this matter. The aim is, that attendees will know about the possibilities but also the risks, that are involved with a greater integration of Wikidata (or structured data in general) with various other Wiki projects. Last but not least "opponents" will have a chance to voice their reservations and be part of the discussion.

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WikiCulture & Community
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25 minutes
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This presentation is non-NPOV, but very much influenced by the authors own experience using Wikidata without any deeper IT background.


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