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CauseGraph: History, Wikidata, and Visualization

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Lightning talk

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Jamie Cox

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English; I also have a little bit of background in French, and I am thinking of making a version of CauseGraph that prioritizes French labels where available.

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United States

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Wikidata provides all kinds of information that can be visualized in interesting ways, and visualization can in turn be used to see areas where Wikidata can be improved. My project, CauseGraph, uses relationship and date information from Wikidata, putting historical people, creative works, etc., and their relationships to each other, in the context of time. Powerful open-source visualization tools make it possible to visualize hundreds of thousands of nodes at once using pre-computed layouts, and to make these visualizations available on the web. By looking at the CauseGraph visualization, I have been able to find areas where Wikidata could be improved, including many instances of missing or inaccurate time information.

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Examples of how other projects can use Wikidata, how these other projects can lead to contributions back to Wikidata, and how current open-source tools for data analysis and visualization make this possible.

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Technology, Interface & Infrastructure

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All lightning talks are 5 minutes.

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