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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
fr France Benoît Prieur fr-en-pt au début du hackathon voire avant dernier jour Envisage de proposer une présentation + être volontaire (si je peux être utile).
US United States Dineshkumar Ponnusamy ta-en-hi Before Hackathon After Conference Based on Scholarship.
fr France Kvardek du fr-en-es-eo ?? ??
ca Canada Mkdw en-5 after the conference Based upon availability and scholarship
de Germany Rlbberlin de-en not sure After Conference Based on Scholarship.
de Germany Pearli123 de-en not sure not sure, probably after the conference Based on Scholarship.
us United States Geraldshields11 en start of hackathon After Conference Scholarship will increase probability. I want to volunteer to be the still photographer.
us United States Smallbones2 en, ru-2 pretty early pretty late maybe 90%
it Italy Adert it, en-2 .. .. depends on scholarship.
de Germany BlaueWunder de-en-fr not yet seen to flight and accommodation depends friendly (female) co-attendends will increase chances; scholarship, too
PH Philippines Sky Harbor en-N, tl-N, es-2, pl-2, zh-2, fr-1, ja-1 TBD TBD Since I missed Wikimania last year, I hope to return again this year. Looking forward to presenting at least one presentation/panel, but that said, this is dependent on a scholarship.
INDIA Unknown country Girirajek English, Tamil Not sure Not sure COMMENT
de Germany gkepi de-en aug 09 aug 13 above this line -
ua Ukraine Ліонкінг uk-en-fr Pre-Conference Few days after the Conference