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Submission no. 4013 - C10, LE3
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Knowledge for everyone: making access affordable

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Roundtable with projector

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Anne Gomez, Jorge Vargas, Stephane Colliet-Matillon, Florence Devouard, Isla Haddow-Flood, Adam Holt, James Heilman

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AGomez (WMF), JVargas (WMF), and others

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USA, Jordan, India, South Africa, Switzerland, France

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Wikimedia Foundation


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Wikimedicine project + WMF Board

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meta:New Readers/Affordability

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Many internet users don’t think twice before looking up a fact or editing content on Wikipedia - it’s their go-to to understand and learn more about what is around them. But for just as many people around the world, the cost of data means that they can’t easily turn to online resources, including the Wikimedia projects, as easily. For example, in Nigeria, the cost of data would need to decrease as much as 97% to achieve widespread affordability. And, over a quarter of people surveyed in Nigeria who are interested in reading Wikipedia reported that they weren’t able to due to the cost of data.

How can we support people globally in their right to freely access knowledge?

This presentation will include an overview of what the Foundation has done in the past to address the cost of data, with projects like performance improvements and Wikipedia Zero. We’ll also discuss what else is happening globally in the movement for the affordable internet. And we’d like to hear how we can work together towards affordable access to Wikimedia projects.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  • Understanding of the status of past and current Foundation efforts to address affordable access
  • High-level understanding of the global movement for affordable internet access
  • Ways to participate in addressing affordability
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Beginning +

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55 minutes

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