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How to set up a campaign for volunteer engagement - with (nearly) no budget and an unknown target group.

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Verena Lindner

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Wikimedia Deutschland

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The number of articles in every Wikipedia is constantly growing thanks to thousands of editors. But on the other hand the number of editors is declining. We can say for sure for the German Wikipedia. To keep Wikipedia alive it is crucial to have more editors. At WMDE we are experimenting with different on-wiki approaches to achieve that.

Campaigns usually have a target group and a lot is known about them: what motivates them and what they want to contribute. There are good examples like Wiki Loves Monuments, which is aiming at newbies with specific interests. But what about those with a general interest in Wikipedia? Who are they? Maybe they are different from current editors? Despite a lot of research which was already done within the movement we don’t really know. And we won’t know them after the campaigns because one of the core principles of Wikipedia is anonymity.

That is why we went for another approach where we don’t necessarily need to know that. In this talk we want to outline our non-target group oriented approach with a focus on:

  • How to create the message of the campaign?
  • How to work with personas?
  • How develop the user journey and a landing page?

Until Wikimania there will have been 2 campaigns in 2017 with 2 more to come later that year. With every campaign we learn and adjust the next one. We want to share our results, experiences, successes and failures. The session will consist of a presentation, Q&A and a discussion.

What will attendees take away from this session?

Attendees will hear about ideas on how to set up an on-wiki campaign to reach out and engage new editors. Examples are given with the already executed and upcoming 2017 campaigns of Wikimedia Deutschland. We also want to discuss if that approach is suitable for other languages.

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WikiCulture & Community

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intermediate, all people interested in the topic are welcome

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25 minutes

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Depending on other submission

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