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Nguyễn Xuân Minh
Residence San Jose, United States
Born March 1987
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Gender Male

Hi, I’m Minh Nguyễn, a software developer in the San Francisco Bay Area and Stanford Computer Science alumnus[1] originally from Loveland, Ohio, United States, Earth, Solar System, Local Fluff, Local Bubble, Gould Belt, Orion Arm, Milky Way galaxy, Milky Way Subgroup, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Local Filament, Universe. You get the idea.

I volunteer as a bureaucrat at the Vietnamese Wikipedia and Vietnamese Wiktionary, as well as an administrator at the Vietnamese Wikibooks, the Vietnamese Wikisource, and the Wikipedia 10 planning wiki – and formerly the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki (December 2006–April 2021) and the Multilingual Wikisource (March 2004–June 2009). I’m also one of the people who keep the main Wikipedia portal up-to-date. (If you know HTML, you can too!)

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Vietnamese Wikipedia

My first contribution to Wikipedia was a minor, anonymous edit to "United States presidential line of succession" at the English Wikipedia, which was later shown to be incorrect.

Most of my contributions occur at the Vietnamese Wikipedia and Wiktionary, where I’m a bureaucrat, kind of like the super-administrators at forums, but less dictatorial. I was one of a handful of contributors to the Vietnamese Wikipedia in late 2003, and I founded the Vietnamese Wiktionary not long after. These days, I’m not quite as active on these wikis as I used to be, but I still play a supporting role.

At Meta, I contribute mainly to the handful of pages that have become my routine. Since 2005, I’ve helped to maintain one of the most visible pages on the Internet through Www.wikipedia.org template. It’s not as cool as it sounds: all I do is shuffle around links from time to time.



  1. "Undergraduate Alumni". Stanford Computer Science. 

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