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On August 9–13, 2017 we enjoyed:
five keynote sessions from world-renowned experts,
more than a hundred community-submitted talks,
two days of hackathon and preconferences,
and over a dozen workshops on topics including:

The future of editing Wikipedia - outreach in Africa - library partnerships - Wikidata tools - what readers visit - communicating your work - Wikimedia’s strategy - legal threats to free knowledge - Wikipedia in minority and endangered languages - Wikipedia in Iraq - medicine & emergency response - the gender gap - preventing online harassment - sounds and video - implicit bias - citations and references - the future of Wikisource and Wikiversity - real-time collaboration - global trends - leading teams - Wikidata and museums - making access affordable - the future of news - collaboration under censorship - education

And much, much more

The program included over 100 sessions, keynotes, pre-conference workshops, and a Hackathon.

وڪيپيڊيا وانگر، وڪيمينيا غير-منافع بخش بنيادن تي ھلندو آھي—اھو مڪمل طور تي رضاڪارن پاران ڪوٺايو ۽ ھلايو ويندو آھي، ۽ ان کي ڪرڻ لاءِ اسان کي توھان جي مدد گھرجي!

وڪيمينيا ۾ پھچ عظيم رونمائي ۽ آئوٽ اسٽينڊنگ برانڊ ايسوسيئيشن ڏئي ٿي

وڪيمينيا ڇا آھي؟

وڪيمينيا هڪ سالياڻي ڪانفرنس آهي جيڪا وڪيپيڊيا ۽ ان جي بيڻن مُفت ڄاڻ منصوبن سميت ڪانفرنسيون، بحث، مييٽ اپس (ميل جول)، تربيت ۽ ورڪشاپ آهي. سڄي دنيا مان سوين رضاڪار ۽ مفت ڄاڻ جا اڳواڻ گڏ ٿي مسئلن تي بحث ڪن ٿا، نين رٿائن ۽ ايپروچز تي رپورٽ ڪن ٿا، ۽ خيالن جي ڏي وٺ ڪن ٿا.

Themes of the 2017 conference included the advancement of Free Knowledge, the role of academic and cultural institutions within the movement, privacy and rights, and the role of technology to further those objectives. Wikimania 2017 also featured a deeper look at the role of the Movement within the Francophonie, and a number of program elements focusing on advancement of French within the projects.

Beyond the main event, there were other related events: the hackathon where the technical community around the Wikimedia projects joined together to work and contribute, and multiple preconferences.

تقريب سينٽر شيراٽن مونٽريال، مونٽريال، ڪئناڊا ۾ رٿيل آھي. سڀني کي ڀليڪار آھي، ڀلي توھان ماھر آھيو، جذبو رکندڙ، شروعات ڪندڙ، يا صرف متجسس!