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Wyobraź sobie świat, w którym każda osoba na naszej planecie ma dostęp do sumy ludzkiej wiedzy. Do tego właśnie dążymy.

Whether you are a community member of one of the Wikimedia projects or a fellow open content creator or consumer, we welcome your proposal for a session at Wikimania 2017.
Like Wikipedia itself, Wikimania is run on a not-for-profit basis—it's organised and run entirely by volunteers, and we need your help to make it happen!

Access to Wikimania brings great exposure and an outstanding brand association.

Interested in sponsoring this highly acclaimed global event? We are looking for sponsors and Wikimania 2017 has numerous sponsorship opportunities.
Several Wikimedia organizations allocate scholarships to applicants to promote experience sharing between participants on both on-wiki and off-wiki topics. In order to enrich the conference, a diverse group of participants from across the Wikimedia movement will be enabled to attend.

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Czym jest Wikimania?

Wikimania to doroczna konferencja poświęcona Wikipedii i jej projektom siostrzanym, w czasie której organizuje się podkonferencje, dyskusje, spotkania, szkolenia i hackathon. Setki edytorów-wolontariuszy spotykają się, aby poznać i omówić projekty, koncepcje i problemy.

Themes of the conference include the advancement of Free Knowledge, the role of academic and cultural institutions within the movement, privacy and rights, and the role of technology to further those objectives. Wikimania 2017 will also feature a deeper look about the role of the Movement within the Francophonie, and a number of program elements focusing on advancement of French within the projects.

Beyond the main event, there are other related events: the Hackathon where the technical community around the Wikimedia projects join together to work and contribute, and the Sourcethon where veterans and newcomers alike join forces to preserve and make available historical written documents.

Konferencja odbędzie się w Centre Sheraton Montréal (i w jego okolicach) w Montréalu w dniach 9–13 sierpnia 2017 roku. Wszyscy są mile widziani: eksperci, entuzjaści, początkujący i ciekawscy!

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