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Poster session

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The poster session will be held on Friday from 18:00-19:00, along with a reception in the community village.

Poster presenters: Posters will be set up on boards on Level 3. Please plan to meet on Friday over lunch to go over poster session logistics - exact details coming soon.

If you haven't yet, please add your poster to Commons!

List of posters

  1. Attribution Generator: Correct License Notices from Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia
  2. BIAS in knowledge creation
  3. FLOSS best practices for bots and tools display next to #4
  4. What is Cloud Services? display next to #3
  5. Gaining new editors for Wikipedia
  6. Platypus, a natural language question answering system
  7. National Library of Wales Wikimedia UK Residency
  8. Wikivoyage - Features and needs
  9. Wikidocumentaries - wiki for small history
  10. Wikiproject Women in Architecture
  11. WikiFundi: An Early Deployment in Cape Town
  12. OpenStreetMap
  13. Valencia Ethno - GLAMing with Museum libraries -- author not in person (but a colleague will be there)
  14. Wikiproject Women in Architecture
  15. Gaining new editors for Wikipedia
  16. Wikipedias in the languages of Russia
  17. Wikiquote at the hospital
  18. Submissions/Wikitherapy: Bringing the Wikimedia projects into therapy settings-- author not in person, please display next to #17
  19. Klexikon, where children look it up
  20. Reducing and fairly resolving incidents of Harassment on Wikimedia Projects with the Community Health Initiative
  21. Wiki Loves the Olympics
  22. What we have done to eliminate Wikipedia Gender Gap in Taiwan - WikiWomen Taiwan (女性維基專題成果)
  23. How do we teach to write a Wikipedia article by -filling the blanks- method

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