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Wikidocumentaries - wiki for small history
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Lightning talk & poster
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Susanna Ånäs, Niklas Laxström, Eetu Mäkelä, Vahur Puik, Heidi Laine
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Open Knowledge Finland
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Wikidocumentaries is a wiki for small history – microhistory. It is a project consortium in Finland with around 30 Finnish memory institutions involved in brainstorming and hacking, looking for support to initialise the development. It will be a site for investigating and sharing histories of every topic recorded, recording yesterday’s everyday. Finland is the focus when we experiment, and the rest of the world can hopefully follow.

Wikidocumentaries starts with Finnish topics taken from Wikidata. That includes places, people, events and topics that relate to Finland. Each topic will have a page, which is filled with content from services with APIs: Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Flickr, Wikidata, OpenStreetMap, Finna etc. Article, pictures, maps, newspaper clips etc.

For Wikidocumentaries everyone is notable and differing views are allowed. You can add your pictures and testimonials to topics and create new topics, if necessary. If they follow Wikimedia guidelines, they can be stored in Wikidata. Else they stay in Wikidocumentaries.

The project channels contributions to open projects. When images are added, they are saved in Wikimedia Commons. Related Wikipedia articles can be edited in Wikipedia. Contributions are thus expected to be openly licensed or public domain. Personal information should be kept apart and only non-sensitive information should be published. We will explore novel ways of giving consent to publishing images depicting living people.

It can also serve as a site for crowdsourcing everything, hosting open source tools to work with the open materials. Citizen historians enrich all material while they work. They identify and classify, locate, date and transcribe documents, put the pieces in context and order. The data can be read or fed back to the original archive as well.

It is also a hub for creative reuse, remixing and storytelling. Wikidocumentaries can tell you stories in automated timelines and Twitter feeds or you can use the material to remix your own stories. You can create story maps, narrated slideshows or even collectively performed songs. Anyone can add new tools.

The work is done together. Amateur researchers, local communities, birds-of-a-feather, relatives, friends and families come together with expert members: museums, libraries, archives and scholars.

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Enthusiasm to participate in applying the concept more widely and in new domains. Joining to craft it!
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  • GLAM
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