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This is an Open submission for Wikimania 2017 that has not yet been reviewed by a member of the Programme Committee.

Submission no. P-9017
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Wikiresidence at Valencian Museum of Ethnology
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TaronjaSatsuma - Francesc Fort
Language of presentation
English or French, We can make two posters. Also, the original one will be in Spanish, so three versions could be done.
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Land of Valencia
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Amical Wikimedia
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@TaronjaSatsuma at twitter.
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I've been a WiR in that Museum for a Year. In May We're sending a poster to a libraries congress in Pamplona. It will be designed by Andrés, the museum's graphist, so it will be a cool poster (look for Andrés works here or here). My idea is to adapt that poster and show it for those who could be interested. The poster will be made anyway, so I believe it will be nice to adapt it and show to the wikicommunity.


J'ai été Wikimedien en résidence dans le Musée d'Ethnologie au cours d'un an. Pour mai nous somme en train de présenter une affiche dans un congress de bibliothèques. L'affiche montre, pour une audience génerique, qu'est que c'est une residence wiki. L'affiche sera dessiné par le graphiste du musée doncs il aura une forte charge visuel. Mon idée est adapter cette affiche qui n'existe pas encore, mais pour l'août sera une realité, et la montrer a la communauté-wiki.

What will attendees take away from this session?
They will learn about our WiR project in Valencia, but I believe that the most interesting thing is that people, who can be doing their own WiR at their hometowns will learn how a Wiki-project can be explained to non-wiki audience in a very imaginative way (the poster will be very imaginative in its design). So: It's a poster to learn how to explain wiki-projects to general audiences in a visual, fast way.
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All lightning talks are 5 minutes. If this is a discussion session, length of session requested
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The authors with an almost final version of the poster.
We don't have the poster made yet, but you can check its grafism here or here.
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