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Freiwillige der Wikimania 2013 in Hongkong
Freiwillige der Wikimania 2014 in London
Freiwillige der Wikimania 2015 in Mexico
Freiwillige der Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario

If you are interested in other volunteering opportunities, Wikimania Montreal would love to hear from you! More than a thousand aficionados and knowledge experts from around the world will converge to discuss the future of Wikimedia projects, open and free knowledge, education, discuss issues, report on new projects and approaches, and exchange ideas.

In order to be able to hold such a meeting, a team of volunteers is essential, and this is an opportunity for you to be part of this extraordinary event. Registration for the conference is free of charge for volunteers.

Wikimania 2017 braucht Dich!

Tell us your interest in volunteering

Warum sollte ich zur Wikimania beitragen?

Wie die Wikipedia selbst, wird die Wikimania auf freiwilliger Basis betrieben — sie wird vollständig von Freiwilligen organisiert und betrieben, und wir brauchen Deine Hilfe, damit das klappen kann! Die Freiwilligenarbeit ist eine großartige Möglichkeit um:

  • etwas an Wikipedia und anderen Schwesterprojekten zurückzugeben. Wir alle nutzen diese jeden Tag, aber wir vergessen, dass sie von Freiwilligen geschrieben wird, die dafür ihre Freizeit nutzen
  • ein Teil eines anspruchsvollen und internationalem Event zu sein
  • etwas einzigartiges in deinen Lebenslauf zu schreiben
  • etwas von Experten zu lernen
  • das Event zu genießen, wenn die Arbeit getan ist
  • etwas mit anderen Freiwilligen zu gestalten
  • deine Fähigkeiten zu nutzen, der Non-Profit-Bewegung Wikimedia helfen, zum Beispiel:
    • social Media
    • Journalismus und Texting
    • Bühnen-, Audio- und Produktionsmanagement
    • technische, web und IT-Fähigkeiten
    • Event-Organisation und Projekt-Management
    • Führungsstärke und Problemlösungsfähigkeit
    • Gastfreundlichkeit
    • Sprachkenntnisse

Wie kann ich während der Konferenz helfen?

We will need people to help with:

  • Doing outreach and promotion for the conference
  • Assisting with monitoring conference sessions on site
  • Staffing the registration and help desks
  • Assisting attendees, making sure they can find their way around the Venue, and to other important locations such as hotels and public transport
  • Helping with move-in and breakdown of the conference

and other tasks. We will also need volunteers who are on-hand to run errands or fill in gaps as required to make sure we have the flexibility to cover any gaps.

Being a Wikimedian may be useful in some roles, but is not a prerequisite to volunteering at Wikimania. Attendees of Wikimania from outside Canada are very welcome to volunteer (language skills would be especially useful), but, as a volunteer-run conference, we do not have the resources to assist with the logistics or cost of international travel.

How does Volunteering work?

There are a variety of roles, which will be split into shifts so that everyone gets a break and can attend the sessions they want to. We'll be grateful for as much time as you're able to give. You will, of course, be fully supported during your shift—there will be somebody you can turn to if you need help, you will get breaks, and we will provide refreshments.

  • Where do I sign up? We'll provide a general volunteer registration form as Wikimania 2017 approaches. We need fewer volunteers during the earlier period, but if you feel you have something to contribute to the early preparation contact abeaubien@wikimedia.ca
  • What languages do I need to speak? Because of its international nature, volunteers to Wikimania are expected to speak English. Speaking French is also a plus.
  • How long do I have to volunteer to get a free ticket to Wikimania? At least one eight hour shift, but if you can do more that is excellent.
  • Will I have to buy my own food? Volunteers will have access to refreshments and lunch at the conference.
  • Will you pay for my accommodation if I am not from Montreal? No.
  • I am from outside Canada. Can I still volunteer? Will you pay for my travel to Canada? You can still volunteer for Wikimania from abroad. Unfortunately we are unable to provide any help with accommodation or travel for volunteers.
  • Can I still attend sessions if I am volunteering? If you let us know in advance which sessions you are most interested in attending, we will do our best to be flexible.
  • How are the shifts divided in one day? These will be worked out as we get closer to the event.
Wikimania Mexico documentary

How to reach us

If you are interested in volunteering, please Email: Antoine Beaubien.

For other people on the team, go to the contact page.