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Conference staff

Organizing Team

Social media

See the list of social media channels used throughout the conference including Twitter, Facebook and Telegram

Event Coordinators

Ellie Young, WMF Events Manager, Louise Wo and Erin Lacey, Consultants

Sponsorship Opportunities

Ellie Young, WMF Events Manager

Phoebe Ayers, Deputy Chair


Community Village/MeetUps/Local Arrangements

Wikimedia Canada Team

Benoit Rochon, chair

Benoit Rochon, Marie Martel, Lea Chateauneuf, Charlotte Badin

Volunteer Coordinator

Antoine Beaubien

WMF Scholarship and Visa Application Inquiries

Communications and Press Relations

Helene Reeves

Scholarship Committee Co-chairs

DerHexer, Ajraddatz

Scholarship & Visa Requests

Irene Tait, Conference Assistant


Hackathon Organizer

Rachel Farrand: Events Program Manager, Wikimedia Foundation