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Participants of the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017

Хакатон Викимания 2017 состоится в среду, 9 августа 2017 и в четверг, 10 августа 2017 во время преконференции Викимания 2017

Youtube Live video of the opening session and open mic

Разработчики, дизайнеры и все заинтересованные в объединении над техническим "взломом" проекта, добро пожаловать на Хакатон!

Friendly Space Policy and Code of Conduct

Все участники Хакатона , как ожидается, будут уважать и соблюдать Викимания Friendly Space Policy. Участникам,не согласным с этим, может быть предложено покинуть мероприятие.

People you can talk to about Friendly Space Policy and Code of Conduct for Technical Spaces issues:


Participants of the Wikimania Hackathon 2015

Подробности будут позже.

Focus Areas

Between now and the hackathon, all participants are welcome to propose sessions, skillshare, & sprints and get involved in projects by featuring or start hacking on one!

  • Session covering any of the Wikimedia’s technical areas
  • Skillshare on topics around technology stack of Wikimedia projects
  • Sprint for making progress in a specific area of a project (e.g. documentation, translation, design, etc)
  • Featured Projects suitable for new developers proposed by project contributors

If you have your own ideas for a large-scale sprint, track or other project for the Wikimania hackathon and would like some help in advance coordinating please email Rachel Farrand <rfarrand@wikimedia.org> so we can work out the specifics.

Program and Schedule Information

New sessions are added to the hackathon throughout the event by participants, therefore we do not print the program on paper. You will need a laptop or mobile device connected to wifi or data in order to access the program. There will be a physical up-to-date program at the help desk as well.

Schedule your own sessions or check out our program here:

Mentoring Program

Sign up to mentor by subscribing and commenting at phab:T168756.

Read more about the mentoring program at: mw:Hackathon/Handbook/Mentoring program#An overview of the mentoring program plan for Wikimania Hackathon 2017 in Montreal

Volunteering at the Hackathon

The Wikimania Hackathon is an event run for and by its participants. Everyone attending the hackathon can take as much personal responsibility to co-create the event and improve it as they like. Below are some pre-defined volunteer groups that any participant can join and help.

  • Help work with or teach newcomers / Mentors!
Group leader: Aaron Halfaker <ahalfaker@wikimedia.org>
  • Take photos during the Hackathon and upload them to commons
Group Leader: Chris Koerner <ckoerner@wikimedia.org>
  • Write a blog post or two about the event itself and / or my favorite sessions
Group Leader: Srishti Sethi <ssethi@wikimedia.org>
  • Occasionally wander around the hackathon, ask people what they are working on, add the projects to the wiki
Group Leader: Nick Wilson <quiddity@wikimedia.org>
  • Staff the help desk helping newcomers answer technical questions and find other participants
Group Leader: Rachel Farrand <rfarrand@wikimedia.org>
  • Run newcomer session / tutorials
Group Leader: Quim Gil <qgil@wikimedia.org>


Please take a moment to update your own information at the Hackathon/Participants page.

  • Event Blogging

Hackathon Showcase

The hackathon showcase will be taking place from 16:00 - 17:00 in the main ballroom. 30 hackathon participants will present their hackathon projects to all Wikimania participants. Presentations should be concise and understandable by non-technical Wikimania participants. SIGN UP HERE: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/Wikimania_hackathon_showcase_2017

Рекомендуемый инвертарь

  • Ноутбук и зарядное устройство, без них будет очень сложно участвовать!
  • Преобразователи питания
  • Phone charger
  • Preferred note taking tools
  • Reusable water bottle (there are ways to refill these)
  • Video output converters for possible presentations
    • (For chargers, converters etc, consider labelling them with your name/email address)


Organizing Team

  • Rachel Farrand, Main Organizer <rfarrand@wikimedia.org>
  • Siebrand Mazeland, Co-Organizer <siebrand@kitano.nl>
Rachel Farrand
Siebrand Mazeland