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Participants hacking at the Wikimedia Hackathon in Lyon

Welcome newcomers, to the Wikimania Hackathon 2017! In this context "newcomers" can mean any combination of the following:

  • This is your first Wikimedia Hackathon
  • You are new to the Wikimedia movement
  • You are new to MediaWiki development

Besides providing a supportive and productive environment for all attendees, one of our main intentions is to help welcome and support all "newcomers". The event organizers welcome all questions, ideas, and feedback for improvement to our newcomers support before, during, and after the hackathon.

What to expect at this Hackathon?

A small breakout session at the Wikimedia Hackathon in Zurich

The Wikimania Hackathon 2017 is a pre-conference event associated with Wikimania 2017, in Montreal. The majority of hackathon participants are also participants of the main Wikimania event, but the hackathon welcomes attendees who are interested in helping with or learning about Wikimedia Tech and are not interested in or able to attend Wikimania. Attendees are welcome to attend both days of the hackathon or only one.

We will have sessions to help newcomers find projects or mentors, each morning of the hackathon.

Here is a Wikimedia / Wikimania Hackathon Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more details.

How can I prepare in advance for this hackathon?

Feel free to ask the organizers any questions you have; we are here to help you and we don't mind at all: Hackathon#Organizing Team

Three Steps to Prepare for the Wikimedia Hackathon

If you want to be ready for the Wikimania Hackathon 2017, take these three steps to be prepared!

Step 1: Review Documentation



Step 2: Connect & Setup

  • Communications: participants can choose to use IRC, telegram or both for communicating throughout the Wikimania Hackathon. IRC is a better location for technical questions and to get in touch with our development community. Telegram is a better place for social communications and phone-based notifications. Organizers will make all important announcements in both locations and participants are free to use either or both.
    • Join IRC: This is the main communication channel that our developer community uses. Install an IRC client or use IRC in your browser: Go to channel #wmhack on webchat.freenode.net, add a Nickname (ex: "yourname"), click the check box to prove you're not a robot, click "Connect" and you are in our channel!
    • Telegram: You can follow our channel to get announcements from organizers and you can also join our social channel to chat with other participants and ask questions.

Step 3: Meet & Introduce

  • Add yourself to the Participant List ( Hackathon/Participants ). If you are already on it, please check again and edit accordingly. Add or edit: 
    • your name / nickname
    • your contact details (website, github, twitter, etc.) and your experience with programming and your interests for the weekend! (E.g.: I have experience with Python, and am interested in working on a project about Wikidata during the hackathon).  
  • Introduce yourself on Telegram and IRC - just say hi!
  • Ask any remaining questions on Telegram and IRC, contact other participants directly or contact the organizing team
  • Subscribe to any hackathon related Phabricator tasks you might be interested or create your own task.