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Submissions/WikiCite — Citations needed for the sum of all human knowledge

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This presentation will take place on Saturday, August 12, from 14:00 to 14:30, in Drummond West (level 3). Check the Program to confirm.

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2017.

Submission no. 8018 - S2, G2
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WikiCite — Citations needed for the sum of all human knowledge

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  • Daniel Mietchen
  • Dario Taraborelli
  • Finn Årup Nielsen (submitter, but not attending)
  • Andra Waagmeester (submitter, but not attending)
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Germany, Italy, Denmark, Belgium
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  • Wiki Project Med
  • Wikimedia Foundation
  • Technical University of Denmark, Wikimedia Denmark
  • Genewiki / Micelio.be, Antwerp, Belgium
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WikiCite is an ongoing effort to build an extensive bibliographic database in Wikidata to serve all Wikimedia projects. While this basic idea has been around for over a decade, the current project originated at Wikimania London and was boosted by a workshop held in Berlin in the spring of 2016. In May 2017, a larger WikiCite event took place in Vienna, co-located with the Wikimedia Hackathon, to advance this work further.

The technology needed to sustain this effort is maturing, the modeling of a schema to represent scholarly article metadata is nearly completed, whereas WikiCite participants and other Wikidata users have catalogued over half a million scientific articles on Wikidata and described over 2.7 million citations between scientific articles. These articles have begun to be used as references for Wikidata statements and could be used to improve the handling of references on other Wikimedia projects.

Various tools and platforms have been created that allow a rapid integration of large numbers of references. Examples of these platforms are SourceMD or PMIDTool. Both provide the means for automatic integration of novel references in the WikiCite corpus. Currently, there are various complete reference corpora added to Wikidata using these frameworks. Examples are

  1. all references from Wikipathways, which is an open database of biological pathways maintained by and for the scientific community
  2. all references from the CIViC database, which captures clinical interpretations of variants in cancer and
  3. efforts are ongoing to get all citations from Reactome covered.

Like Wikipathways, Reactome is an open repository of biological pathways. Currently, all references from the human Reactome pathways are already covered in WikiCite. In all these three cases, the main purpose of including these references in Wikicite is to be able to provide evidence for statements in Wikidata.

Next to using citations as evidence for Wikidata statements, they can also serve as means to identify experts in a given field (e.g. authors who have published highly cited papers on the Zika virus), or generate publication lists for a given expert through tools like Scholia.

In April 2017, a collaboration between several organizations including the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Germany announced the Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC). The I4OC effort results in that some 40% of the citation data available through the non-profit organization Crossref will now be open for reuse, up from just 1% only a few months ago. Besides receiving considerable attention in scientific circles (e.g. doi:10.1038/nature.2017.21800 and doi:10.1126/science.aal1012), I4OC will also provide a valuable source for citation data on Wikimedia projects.

What will attendees take away from this session?
Attendees will get an overview of the state of citations and source metadata in Wikimedia projects and of progress made so far towards the vision of building a centralized database of all citations and source metadata through Wikidata. They will also find out about how they can get engaged with WikiCite or use WikiCite in their own Wikimedia activities.: Driven by the three examples described earlier, attendees will be shown how to enrich Wikidata with novel citation graphs to provide evidence for their statements to add.
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  • Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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25 minutes
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Finn and Andra are not attending. Daniel and Dario will.

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