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James Heilman
At Wikimania in Mexico in 2015, photo by Victor Grigas
This is my personal account. I am the Board Chair of Wiki Project Med Foundation and was previously a Wikimedia Foundation Trustee (Community Selected Member)
All people deserve access to high quality health information in the language of their choice and in a format that they can access. I believe that by working together we can achieve this dream.

About me

I am an editor most active on the English Wikipedia where I go by the name User:Doc James. I am an emergency physician by profession and have been working on Wikipedia for more than ten years.

My work

My main efforts involve improving Wikipedia's medical content. I am working in collaboration with Translators Without Borders among others to try to take a few small steps towards improving our content not only in English but a wide variety of other languages. You can read more about the efforts here. We would love your help and guidance.

Disclaimer: Comments by this account represent my personal positions and are not made in an official capacity unless stated otherwise

Contact me

jmh649 at gmail dot com

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sudo su -

iiab-admin / g0adm1n



Add modules from NUC

df (determines the folder)

rsync -av /library/zims/content/<filename> /media/usb0/library/zims/content

iiab-make-kiwix-lib (to reindex kiwix)

umount /media/usb0 (also do usb1)

Adding HealthPhone

Turning on KA lite

nano /etc/iiab/local_vars.yml (switch install and enabled to true)

cd /opt/iiab/iiab

runrole kalite

Edit menu


nano /library/www/html/home/index.html

nano /library/www/html/home/menu.json

Making modules

cd /library/www/html/iiab-menu/menu-files/menu-defs/

cp es-wikipedia_es_all_novid.json es-wikipedia_es_all_nopic.json

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