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Submissions/Lingua Libre: Massive Open Audio Recording

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This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2017.

Submission no. 2022 Subject - C7

Title of the submission
Lingua Libre: Massive Open Audio Recording
Type of submission (lecture, panel, tutorial/workshop, roundtable discussion, lightning talk, poster, birds of a feather discussion)
Lecture + workshop in a separate room
Author of the submission
Yug, Zmoostik, Elfix, Lyokoï, Unuaiga,
Language of presentation
English, also French
E-mail address
hugo.lpz@gmail.com -- for the Wikimania 2017 : remy.gerbet@wikimedia.fr; lingualibre@lists.wikimedia.fr -- for long term contacts
Lyokoï, Unuaiga, Yug, Zmoostik, Xenophôn, Elfix
Country of origin
Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc.)
Project Lingua Libre of Wikimedia France
Personal homepage or blog

Lingua Libre is an opensource, open-licensed project with the aim to provide a platform that allows anyone to create recordings of words or phrases in their native tongue into clean, high-quality, well documented audio files for utilization on the Web (including, but not limited to, Wikipedia and Wiktionary). These resources can also be used for language teaching and language conservation. So far, over 120 000 audios have been uploaded with this tool.

Origins of the activity. During the launch of the Langues de France project, the ability of minority language speakers to participate to a great extent in the written aspects of Wikimedia projects encouraged us to come up with a new way of contributing by providing the Wikimedia projects with recording of sentences or phrases of those local languages. From this came Lingua Libre, whose purpose is to create records all around the world with a documentation useful for quality linguistic re-use thanks to city-accurate geolocation.

Description of Lingua Libre. Lingua Libre is an opensource and open-license platform and webapp which boosts the recording of mass of words or sentences into clean, well cut, well documented audio files. It is perfect to create small to large datasets of audio files in a language you speak. It also allows you to record the words and voice of your grandma for ever ;) We will give a presentation of this tool and its many functionalities.

What will attendees take away from this session?

The immediate purpose of this presentation is to show off the tool, material toolkit and process, sot to invite the attendees to contribute in their own language.

The long term purpose is to get several teams around the world each providing thousands open audio recordings.

Theme of presentation
  • Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
  • also:
    • Sister Projects
    • WikiCulture & Community
For workshops and discussions, what level is the intended audience?
Length of session (if other than 25 minutes, specify how long)
25 minutes for presentation + 25 minutes for workshop
Will you attend Wikimania if your submission is not accepted?
yes. Along the wikimania, we want to actively connect with contributors, demo and spread awareness about this tool. The tool works, we need more users !
Slides or further information (optional)
Special requests
A day-long workshop will also take place. We have requested to Coren (by email) a separate room for doing a recording session with Wikimedians at Wikimania. The room should be clear from any noise source as to allow good conditions for achieving the recordings. We would like to give the presentation one day before (or the same day as) this workshop.

Status : Approved, see Programme#Saturday,_August_12

Interested attendees

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