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Knowledge, democracy and the Wikipedian Gender Gap
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Steve Jankowski
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York University
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Wikipedia's gender gap can be understood as part of encyclopedism's historical approach to knowledge. This connection has often been overlooked and it is the purpose of this presentation to bring Wikipedia into contact with this context.

Since it was first reported in 2011, Wikipedia has made a concerted effort to address the site's gender gap. Jimmy Wales has said that some of the gender gap issues "can be addressed with a better interface and user experience, but the culture must also change". It is on this second charge that has proven the most difficult. How does one change Wikipedia's culture and know which direction should it occur? To answer this question, a number of studies have both looked at the gendered content of Wikipedia as well as the gendered nature of its collaboration. Additionally it has been argued that the necessary changes may be difficult considering that Wikipedia's policy, software, and logical infrastructures are a major source of disparity. In this study by Ford & Wajcman, the authors argued that while Wikipedia "has inherited some of the biases" from modern encyclopedias, Wikipedia's biases are unique to the project (p.2).

In contrast to these studies, my presentation suggests that if Wikipedia's gender gap is to be reduced, we must consider how these biases have existed historically as part of the culture and design of encyclopedias. Building off of my dissertation research, I argue that general encyclopedias have often rationalized their editorial and design decisions by providing better access, comprehensiveness, authority, and geographic diversity. Unsurprisingly, it is much rarer to see this egalitarian commitment based on gender diversity. In covering some of the Encyclopedia Britannica's historical encounters with women I will illustrate the political background that informs encyclopedism's gendered history.

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The goal of this session is encourage discussion about what steps are required to close Wikipedia's gender gap. In particular, it suggests that discussion should revolve around re-conceptualizing how gender and processes of democratizing knowledge interact on the encyclopedia.
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WikiCulture & Community
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25 minutes
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