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Wikidata and infoboxes

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Wikidata and infoboxes panel
Friday August 11th, 14:00 - 15:30
Panellists: Hoo man, Theklan, Eran and Deryck
Join us for a stimulating discussion on the future of using Wikidata in other Wikimedia projects!

Introduction and standardisation discussion slides
Time Salon 3 (level 2)
14:00 Welcome and introduction
14:05 Hoo man: Put data on it: Using Wikidata data in Wikimedia projects
14:25 Theklan: Automatic infoboxes with Wikidata
14:45 Eran: Integrating Wikidata to Infoboxes
15:05 Introduction to breakout sessions
15:10 Panel discussion: invoke:Wikidata
Different wikis are developing their own Lua scripts to use Wikidata. How should we standardise the scripts and improve cross-wiki collaboration?
Tutorial: Make me an automatic infobox
15:30 Discussion may continue over coffee if there's appetite for it

Theklan: Automatic infoboxes with Wikidata

Before you start: read the presentation User:Theklan
Basque Wikimedians User Group
The World Famous* Oh!WTFs:
One hour**
Wikidata-powered Template-building Fully-automated system
Copy Translate Test

Modules you need

Other useful modules

Ready templates: choose one!

Template translation

You'll to translate every label in the module into your language. It takes some minutes, depending on the module size.

Module translation

  • Once you have copied everything... surely something will be missing.
  • Test in an article linked to Wikidata and preview changes.
  • Common problems with code could be:
    • different versions of Wikidata, Wikibase or other modules installed in your wiki.
    • obsolete templates, usually infobox or other. Try to take the last version from en:wp.
    • obsolete code in MediaWiki:common.js or MediaWiki:common.css. Maybe it is time to renew them.
  • Not tested on rtl Wikis

*Coming soon
**Not warranted

More examples at: Wikiproiektu:Txantiloien automatizazioa


Lessons learned

A summary of the outcomes of this discussion is at meta:Learning patterns/Using Wikidata on Wikipedia infoboxes. Please edit that page to improve the suggestions!