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This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2017.

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Wikipedia will soon speak to you - Wikispeech is coming to a wiki near you.

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John.andersson@wikimedia.se & Sebastian.berlin@wikimedia.se


John Andersson (WMSE) & Sebastian Berlin (WMSE)

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Wikimedia Sverige

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The development of Wikispeech, a new MediaWiki extension, has started. By the end of 2017 Wikipedia should be able to speak to you. The project will bring together existing language resources and develop a functioning open source text-to-speech solution for Swedish, English and Arabic. More languages will be easy to add in the future.

Wikispeech will make Wikipedia accessible for anyone that faces reading difficulties, whether that is due to vision impairment, dyslexia, they never had an opportunity to learn literacy, or any other number of reasons. Hundreds of millions of people fit those profiles.

It will be possible through crowdsourcing to improve Wikispeech. You may, for example, help develop the pronunciation dictionary used by the program to make it sound more correct. In this way, the speech synthesizer is constantly improved and annoying errors can be corrected by the user.

We will present about what we are trying to achieve, what has been done, what is left to do and what you can help with in order to get millions of people accessibility to the information on Wikipedia.

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Attendees will learn about a project and about the work around accessibility on the Wikimedia projects.

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25 minutes

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