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Submissions/Wikimedia and sonification

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This presentation will form part of the Lightning talks session on Sunday, August 13, from 16:00 to 16:50, in Drummond West (level 3). Check the Program to confirm.

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This video contains a sonification of the household income in different boroughs of New York City, combined with a visualization of a subway line that passes through these areas.

Wikimedia and sonification

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Lightning talk

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Daniel Mietchen, Lane Rasberry

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English. Happy to take questions in French and other languages.

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Daniel Mietchen, User:Bluerasberry

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Wiki Project Med

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Wikimedia platforms do not make much use of multimedia, for a variety of reasons. Here, we zoom in on sounds — specifically, sounds generated from data through a process called sonification — and outline an emerging initiative to enrich Wikimedia platforms with sonifications and to improve sonification-related content by collaborating with the International Community for Auditory Display. Starting with a Wikimedia-inspired sonification doathon at their annual meeting in June this year, we plan to make the interaction between both communities more systematic, and by the time of Wikimania, hope to have a useful set of examples that can inspire others to engage with future joint activities.

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… the idea that there is an audio counterpart to visualizations (Wikipedia example), and some examples of how this might be relevant to Wikimedia projects

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  • Education
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All lightning talks are 5 minutes.

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