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This is an Open submission for Wikimania 2017 that has not yet been reviewed by a member of the Programme Committee.

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Document stories, songs and more in your native language

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Birds of a feather discussion

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Subhashish Panigrahi, Daniel Bogre Udell

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psubhashish, dbudell
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India, United States
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O Foundation, Odia Wikimedians User Group, Wikitongues
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This BoF is for those interested in learning the basics of early-stage language documentation using contemporary open source technology.  Document various important aspects of your language, including oral histories, songs, common expressions, and word lists using an array of free language documentation tools. This BoF will help individuals learn to document and share their languages in an open way, and create an open-licensed public repository of  linguistic metadata that can support linguistic research.


Ce BoF est destiné à ceux intéressés par l’apprentissage des bases de la documentation linguistique en utilisant la technologie open source contemporaine. Vous aurez l’opportunité de documenter divers aspects de votre langue, y compris des enregistrements audios, chansons, expressions courantes et listes de termes en utilisant une gamme d’outils de documentations gratuits. Ce BoF aidera chaque individu à apprendre à documenter et à librement partager leur(s) langue(s), et à créer une base de données publique et sous licence ouverte de métadonnées linguistiques pouvant favoriser la recherche dans ce domaine.

What will attendees take away from this session?

Attendees of this BoF will:

  • Learn the basics of early-stage language documentation: best practices for recording oral histories, songs, word lists, and phrasebooks
  • Learn how to document oral literature in a contemporary version of their language—since languages are constantly evolving, consistent documentation in open standards is vital to researchers
  • Learn how to document what matters for the knowledge commons and for Wikimedia projects
  • Learn how to leverage current open source technology for effective language documentation, as well as general best practice tips for software and hardware
  • Share and learn about similar projects, tools, and other resources that they and their peers are developing, contributing to, or aware of
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Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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30 mins – 1 hour
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  • Resources:
    • Kathabhidhana, a recording toolkit (includes multiple software, manuals and tutorials, and guide on hardware setup) (video intro, [tutorial for iOS version], and [tutorial for Audacity])
    • Quickly create text and video dictionary translations for common words and phrases in your language using Poly by Wikitongues. (video intro)
    • Create a lesson for learning a new language/script using OpenWords
  • Batch-upload recorded audio/video/other files to Commons using Pattypan
Special requests

Wikitongues is an open source community working to collect oral histories and word lists from every language in the world. Many of our volunteers are Wikipedia contributors, and we can’t wait to meet more members of the Wikimedia movement who are excited about language diversity, free knowledge, and cultural exchange!

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