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Brick by brick: Libraries and Wikimedia building on each other

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lecture (also willing to participate in related panels, roundtables etc)

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Jacinta Sutton (User:JacintaJS) & Kerry Raymond (User:Kerry Raymond)

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User:JacintaJS & User:Kerry Raymond

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Jacinta Sutton: Project Office at the State Library of Queensland
Kerry Raymond: Member of Wikimedia Australia, former Wikipedian-in-Residence at the State Library of Queensland

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Since 2010, the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) and Wikimedia Australia have worked together on a number of projects:

  • donation of tens of thousands of SLQ's out-of-copyright images to Wikimedia Commons
  • Wikipedia edit training for librarians and members of the public through SLQ's Regional Access and Public Libraries Program using initially wikitext and later Visual Editor
  • incorporating SLQ transcription tasks in WikiSource through Pitch-In, SLQ's Digital Volunteer program
  • 3 Wikipedians-in-Residence working at SLQ on content relating to the Queensland home front during World War I
  • participating in the Wikipedia Library's #1Lib1Ref campaign to add citations to improve the quality of Wikipedia articles
  • organising the QWiki Club, a monthly gathering for Queensland GLAMs to work together on improving Wikipedia content

These projects were underpinned by the State Library of Queensland's ongoing digitisation program and by Trove, an initiative of the National and State Libraries Australasia (of which SLQ is a member). Trove is an aggregated meta-data collection of the resources of hundreds of GLAMs in Australia, currently totalling over 500 million items, ranging from newspaper articles, photos and books through to journal and archived websites. More than half of items in Trove also have digitised or born-digital data available. Most items in Trove have a pre-formatted Wikipedia citation to make it easy to reference Australian content.

This presentation will discuss a number of these projects, describing what worked well and what didn’t and exploring why that was so. It will explore some of the enablers and barriers to closer collaboration between GLAMs and Wikimedia. Finally it will discuss ways that SLQ and other GLAMs might transition from engaging with Wikimedia through a series of limited programs or campaigns into incorporation of Wikimedia activities into Business As Usual.

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Wikimedian and GLAM attendees will learn about characteristics of joint projects and how they do or don't contribute to success. It will hopefully inspire them to collaborate in more effective ways.

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Suitable for all levels of audience.

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25 minutes
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Yes, Kerry will attend
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If you want to see/reuse my Visual Editor training materials or anything else I might be able to help you with, please email me at

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