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How do we encourage reusers to respect CC-BY-SA?
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Some of the reusers of content from Wikimedia are behaving as if the content was licensed CC0 not CC-BY-SA and using photos without attribution or payment and then claiming a copyright over the reuse. Some of the contributors of content are invoicing reusers who are in breach of license, others think that we should be more diplomatic and first encourage compliance. There may even be members of the community who consider that CC0 is implicit even if not explicit.

There has been significant discussion on this in the German community and in March 2017 on the wikimedia-l mailing list

For some contributors seeing our work reused with attribution is one of the things that motivates us to contribute. Conversely having our work reused without attribution and even with someone else claiming copyright is demotivating.

This discussion will address such issues as:

  • How harsh should we be when enforcing copyright?
  • Should we treat smaller organisations and not for profits differently to large organisations?
  • Should our aim be to get compliance or compensation?
  • Is this something we should leave to members of the community or should the WMF be encouraging reusers to comply with CC-BY-SA?

Format. Each panel member will get an opportunity to state their position. Then the questions above will be addressed and if we have time we will move on to other questions from the floor.


  • To be determined - from a strict enforcement perspective
  • To be determined - from a gentle enforcement perspective
  • WereSpielChequers- from an "Encourage the WMF to see this as an opportunity to protect its volunteers rights" perspective
What will attendees take away from this session?

Hopefully an idea as to how big the problem is and what we should do about it. More likely memories of an interesting clash of philosophies re free culture.

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  • Legal & Free Culture

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