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The event is big
  • Wikimania 2017 was in Montreal in August. This is the main annual conference of Wikimedians.
  • This page is on the web site for the conference -- the "conference wiki."
  • The program of the conference is online, and slides and notes from many sessions are linked indirectly from it

September 2017 presentation

Wikimedia research

  • Submissions/User digest/State of Wikimedia Research 2016-2017
  • Show slides and Etherpad
  • Analysis of
  • Srijan Kumar ; Robert West ; Jure Leskovec. 2016 "Disinformation on the Web" Proceedings of WWW 2016
  • Study is of Wikipedia hoaxes -- detecting them, their characteristics, and their effect ("impact")
    • Hoaxes: humans classify things as hoaxes ; so do machines ("machine classifiers") and they compare these
    • most hoaxes are caught and wiped out within a day
  • Benjamin Smith ; Abel Gustafson "Using Wikipedia to predict election outcomes"
    • Counts of page views of an article on a candidate are positive predictors of the candidate's vote total in the election, even holding other info constant

Relatedly, keynote speaker from FactsCan: Keynotes#Dana_Wagner


Hackathon preconference

Afterwards there was a presentation afterward of new developments

New software

Excellent Wikidata training by Andrew Lih in the preconference -- can add link here later


Remembering Bassel Khartabil
Tetrapylon of Palmyra at Wikimania 2017 01.jpg

Archives, Libraries, Scanathon, and Wikisource


BAnQ with Wikimedians scanning and digitizing at the upper left
  • Wikisource:
We visited the Osler library of history of medicine

Many conferences

  • WikiConference North America + Wikimania 2017 here
  • WikiCite
  • Wikidatacon
  • WikiSym / OpenSym
  • Next year: Wikimania 2018 will be in South Africa

October 2017 presentation

  • (2) WikiCite projects and conferences: [1] and go to slide 14 -- note the questions asked and the technologies of answering

To review later