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The word 'organized' is spelled 'organiSed' in the article.

تحياتنا نورالدين بالحاج (talk) 21:33, 18 February 2017 (UTC)Reply

Confirmer Doucoure aboudou (talk) 17:39, 18 June 2017 (UTC)Reply

This is Montreal, not the UK, so Canadian spelling rules hold.
In Toronto, Varlaam (talk) 03:53, 27 June 2017 (UTC)Reply


I think the sponsors can be: Le Ministère a pour mission de soutenir la croissance des entreprises and Aerospace Industry, is home to world-class companies such as Bombardier, Pratt and Whitney Canada, CAE and Bell Helicopters Textron, ect. I can help us, if we are prepering officail Wikimedia Foundation letter. Right? — Niklitov (talk) 18:14, 7 September 2016 (UTC)Reply

Si Riccardo 2003 (talk) 11:00, 19 February 2017 (UTC)Reply

Aggiungere etnia nella cambogia (khmer)

Riccardo 2003 (talk) 11:01, 19 February 2017 (UTC)Reply

I9/06/1983 Rajupillai (talk) 19:11, 8 April 2017 (UTC)Reply

Good Wikimania!

I hope everybody that goes to Wikimania have an excellent conference--MASTER+MATES (talk) 16:17, 27 October 2016 (UTC)Reply

Horatius can be remembered :”Est modus in rebus”/”There is a measure in things.” We need good measure, equilibrium, abuses must be stopped. #AllEarthFamilyForRecovery The best philosophy/religion is #IntegratedEarthFamilyProtection . #StopSuperstition #HelpEarth #HelpSyria #HelpArctic --Iohana4 (talk) 13:20, 15 February 2017 (UTC)Reply

مساء الخير نورالدين بالحاج (talk) 21:34, 18 February 2017 (UTC)Reply

КОСМОС ВСЕКИ ДЕН ОТ 21:55-22:10-ПО TV WORLD TV WORLD (talk) 19:50, 19 February 2017 (UTC)Reply

Confirmé Doucoure aboudou (talk) 17:40, 18 June 2017 (UTC)Reply

Please add Tulu in languages

In the page for applying for Wikimania scholarships, Tulu language is not included. Tulu Wikipedia became live on Aug 06, 2016. I request the organizers to add Tulu. in the list of languages.--Pavanaja (talk) 03:51, 12 January 2017 (UTC)Reply

I support this request. --Vishwanatha Badikana (talk) 04:12, 12 January 2017 (UTC)Reply
I endorse the request. Please consider the Tulu language.--BHARATHESHA ALASANDEMAJALU (talk) 05:22, 12 January 2017 (UTC)Reply
I support the request, please consider the Tulu Language.----Kishorekumarrai (talk) 10:51, 12 January 2017 (UTC)Reply
I support the request.Please consider Tulu language.---- 13:17, 12 January 2017 (UTC).Reply
I support this request.--Lokesha kunchadka (talk) 02:43, 13 January 2017 (UTC)Reply
I support this request.Please consider the Tulu language.----Yashoda Kudla ([[User talk:Yashoda Kudla|)
I support the request--Vinoda mamatharai (talk) 13:12, 13 January 2017 (UTC)Reply

See [1] - someone needs to go and translate the app on translatewiki.net first, before the language can be enabled. Legoktm (talk) 03:06, 17 January 2017 (UTC)Reply

My initial response was the same as Legoktm but then I checked and saw that Tulu (tcy) is missing from the "Primary language community on wiki" list. I opened phab:T155666 to track fixing this. --BDavis (WMF) (talk) 20:37, 18 January 2017 (UTC)Reply
Done phab:T155666#2950543 --BDavis (WMF) (talk) 21:35, 18 January 2017 (UTC)Reply
Thank you --Pavanaja (talk) 02:50, 31 January 2017 (UTC)Reply

English Rajupillai (talk) 19:12, 8 April 2017 (UTC)Reply

Je m'engager Doucoure aboudou (talk) 17:38, 18 June 2017 (UTC)Reply


I have never been to Wikimania, but this year it is being held near enough that I can easily attend. I would like to know how much it costs to attend.Anne Delong (talk) 01:16, 29 January 2017 (UTC)Reply

Attendance costs CAD $80 for Wikimania proper (Aug 11-13) or $120 for all five days (including the two days of pre-conference events) and includes the cost of lunch; if you buy them before July 8.  ­– Coren(talk) 01:34, 29 January 2017 (UTC)Reply

No Rajupillai (talk) 19:13, 8 April 2017 (UTC)Reply

Confirmé Doucoure aboudou (talk) 17:40, 18 June 2017 (UTC)Reply

I'm in the same situation, but at that rate there's no way I can attend. I just want to see the talks but hundreds of dollars I can't do. Adroit (talk) 04:14, 1 August 2017 (UTC)Reply

Missing dates

Is it possible to add the date of the event in the main page ? I had to go to the Programme page to get them. Thanks.

J'accepte Doucoure aboudou (talk) 17:41, 18 June 2017 (UTC)Reply


It would be helpful if the actual dates of the conference can be found on the front page. No where on the front page does it actually state when it is happening. -- KTC (talk) 02:43, 3 February 2017 (UTC)Reply

It was already there in the big background banner, but I realize now that this is both poor accessibility and probably not visible at all on mobile. I've added it to the prose as well.  ­– Coren(talk) 14:31, 3 February 2017 (UTC)Reply

I want to use Rajupillai (talk) 19:08, 8 April 2017 (UTC)Reply

Ok Doucoure aboudou (talk) 17:41, 18 June 2017 (UTC)Reply


  • When is the registration scheduled to open?
  • What will be the final date for registration?

Hogne (talk) 11:59, 25 March 2017 (UTC)Reply

12/03/2017 Rajupillai (talk) 19:10, 8 April 2017 (UTC)Reply

@Coren:: Will there be any registration? If yes, please advise regarding when and how to register. Thanks, DavidMCEddy (talk) 14:47, 14 May 2017 (UTC)Reply

Merci Doucoure aboudou (talk) 17:42, 18 June 2017 (UTC)Reply


Friendship Rajupillai (talk) 19:12, 8 April 2017 (UTC)Reply

Possible Doucoure aboudou (talk) 17:43, 18 June 2017 (UTC)Reply

Mobile version is empty

Hello, the mobile version of the main page is empty. The only thing that appears is the phrase "Imagine a world..." Please fix it! -- 23:09, 12 April 2017 (UTC)Reply

Ok Doucoure aboudou (talk) 17:44, 18 June 2017 (UTC)Reply


Eboysmart61 (talk) 21:54, 30 June 2017 (UTC)Has any arrangement been made to stream life videos of the conferences to wikipedia users who are unable to attend the conference?Reply


Hello Wikimania team. Will there be a dedicated Etherpad subfolder for Wikimania 2017? Deryck Chan (talk) 23:03, 30 July 2017 (UTC)Reply

Update after Wikimania

Hi! Weeks after Wikimania the page needs a major update, but it is protected. Best, Samat (talk) 18:34, 3 September 2017 (UTC)Reply

@Pigsonthewing: Thank you! :) Samat (talk) 13:09, 9 September 2017 (UTC)Reply

WARNING: Closing the wiki

Hello! With Wikimania 2017 finished, the time has come to close the wiki. Its contents will remain but editting and all other operations will be restricted. This is the standard procedure that we've done with all other Wikimania wikis once the events have finished. I'd like to do this in two weeks from today, unless you need more of course. As such, if you need to do anything before the closure, please do. I've created phabricator:T182493 to track this process. I'll post a warning on MediaWiki:Sitenotice as well. Regards, --MarcoAurelio (talk) 11:49, 9 December 2017 (UTC)Reply

Wiki has been closed now. --MarcoAurelio (talk) 20:05, 3 January 2018 (UTC)Reply