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Wikidata + Heritage Data: Where do we stand? What's next?
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birds of a feather discussion
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Beat Estermann
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Beat Estermann
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Bern University of Applied Sciences; OpenGLAM CH
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The vision of the Project “Cultural heritage” on Wikidata is to establish Wikidata as a central hub for data integration, data enhancement, and data management in the heritage domain. Much has already been done in this context, but even more remains to be done. Together, we will look back on the past year, share our experiences, and make plans in view of our future activities at the intersection of Wikidata and cultural heritage.

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What will attendees take away from this session?

This birds of a feather session allows the members of the growing Wikidata + GLAM community to exchange experiences and best practices, and to coordinate their future activities. It is also a good occasion for people new to Wikidata or GLAM to get in touch with other community members and to learn how they can best contribute to their common endeavors.

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GLAM, Wikidata
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intermediate & advanced (For those unfamiliar with Wikidata, I warmly recommend watching Asaf's Gentle Introduction to Wikidata ahead of the session.)

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80 minutes
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don't know yet

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