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This is an Open submission for Wikimania 2017 that has not yet been reviewed by a member of the Programme Committee.

Submission no. 5039 - C1, GO
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Wiki Loves Rephotography
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Vahur Puik

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WMEE (member), Estonian Photographic Heritage Society (member of board, project manager)
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More and more historical imagery becomes digitally accessible online, great part of it from public collections on countless repositories for digitized cultural heritage. But also the content that has become public domain is finding its way to Wikimedia Commons within the framework of GLAM-Wiki collaboration (one the aims of the Structured Commons is also to better host the metadata standards of GLAMs for their content on Commons).

Old photographs are very popular online, for instance they are shared and discussed a lot on social media. One of the very common reactions to old pictures is rephotographing the images and creating either then and now picture pairs or even mashing parts of the historic image with the capture of exact same location nowadays thus merging different times into one image.

Rephotography requires that the location of the historic image is identified, but digitized images usually lack the geographic coordinates (geotags) and the search of images is mostly dependent on textual descriptions of images.

We have been developing a crowdsourcing geotagging and rephotography platform Ajapaik.ee  for historic images mostly from Estonian collections, there are other geotagging platforms (Historypin, Pastvu) and rephotography platforms (Timera, Dear Photograph).

With our experience gained with Ajapaik (more than 57000 images geotagged and more than 4000 images rephotographed) I want to extend a proposal I made during the European GLAM-Wiki coordinators meeting in Paris in February 2017 to bring to life a Wiki Loves Rephotography campaign that would perfectly also resonate with the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018.

Rephotography would in a way extend and complement the Wiki Loves Monuments competition as also the historic images often depict monuments and reshooting these views would actualize both the monuments and the pictorial heritage. Rephotography is an engaging method to bring wider audiences in contact with old photos and enriches the historical content with new layers of information – rephotography can help geotag old images and also gives visual information about how places have changed over time.

What will attendees take away from this session?

The presentation is aimed to propose the idea of Wiki Loves Rephotography to wider audience and find people interested in collaborating in organising the campaign.

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GLAM, photography, Wikiculture
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25 minutes
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Yes, if I manage to get extra funding for my travel, I have applied for the grant.
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