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This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2017.


Submission no. 5038 - GT, T1
Title of the submission
What do we know about GLAM-Wiki? Re-examining GLAM-Wiki Workflows and Documentation
Type of submission (lecture, panel, tutorial/workshop, roundtable discussion, lightning talk, poster, birds of a feather discussion)
Panel, with some focused group discussion and GLAM-Wiki documentation collection,
Author of the submission
Alex Stinson (AStinson (WMF))
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Astinson (WMF)
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United States but with panel from UK, Germany, and Belgium
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What do we know about GLAM-Wiki? Re-examining GLAM-Wiki Workflows and Documentation

Since at least 2010, GLAM-Wiki relationships have been the cornerstone partnerships model for different parts of our Wikimedia community, that has shaped and formed the way in which we relate to other kinds of knowledge institutions and organizations. However, in those years, the tactics we use within each GLAM project, have become quite diverse, meeting the needs of many different types of institutions, in many different language and cultural contexts. Yet at the same time, some workflows and projects more core to the model, such as developing Editathons, content donations, online editing campaigns, and Wikipedian in Residence roles at institutions, are fairly well understood. However, the tension between consistent workflows and divergent models of projects and their associated documentation, leads to mixed results from the documentation.

The GLAM-Wiki community is examining the gap between good quality resources on fundamental processes within Wikimedia projects as they are directly relevant to GLAM projects, to ensure that we developing better process for ensuring that participants can successfully find their way from start to finish from starting points like the Wikimedia Resource Center or Outreach pages. Several GLAM coordinators, including those at WMUK, WMDE, WMF, WMBE, and WMSE, have been examining those resources, to provide a plan for the the various needs for documentation and best practices among GLAM-Wiki practitioners, and to provide better points of access for the various communities that need them -- including partners, new GLAM-Wiki volunteers, and other GLAM community. This presentation will report on what we find in the mapping of the documentation, and how you can participate in sharing and organizing the content to make it more accessable.

This will be a hybrid panel/workshop from folks working on the project, and :

  • Alex Stinson (WMF), talking about the types of documentation and workflows we need, and the various pathways to finding that information.
  • Stuart Prior (WMUK)-- examining what we learned from mapping GLAM workflows, as part of a research project in collaboration with WMSE.
  • User:Romaine (WMBE) -- talking about how the GLAM-Wiki Newsletter can contribute to shared understanding and reporting of GLAM-Wiki impact.
  • Barbara Fischer (WMDE) examining how better categorizing and organizing the archive of the GLAM-Wiki Newsletter can help us understand these projects, and what we know about them.

After the discussion of what we have learned (20-30_ minutes) we will provide structured time for questions, collecting more documentation and for folks to talk about what they have trouble finding or learning about GLAM-Wiki.

What will attendees take away from this session?
Results of the GLAM-Wiki documentation mapping and an understanding of what we can do to make it better.
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  • GLAM
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