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Using WikiData in Medicine
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Houcemeddine Turki, Daniel Mietchen
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Csisc, Daniel Mietchen
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Wikimedia TN User Group, Wiki Project Med, The Wikipedia Library
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WikiData is an open and multilingual knowledge base that currently involves over 25 million entities and that defines links between them. Among these links, we can find clinical and medical ones like drug-drug interaction, genetic associations, disease-symptom relationship... In this presentation, we will explain how using such links can help in ameliorating the efficiency, the quality and the automation of clinical and medical tasks such as clinical decision making, communication with patients and the creation of biomedical systematic or narrative reviews...
What will attendees take away from this session?
  • Learning about the common unsolved matters about clinical decision taking and about communication with the patients
  • Learning about how these matters can be solved using WikiData
Theme of presentation
  • WikiCulture & Community
  • Sister Projects
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Beginning, intermediate, and advanced

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25 minutes
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  • Putman, T. E., Burgstaller-Muehlbacher, S., Waagmeester, A., Wu, C., Su, A. I., & Good, B. M. (2016). Centralizing content and distributing labor: a community model for curating the very long tail of microbial genomes. Database, 2016, baw028.
  • Burgstaller-Muehlbacher, S., Waagmeester, A., Mitraka, E., Turner, J., Putman, T., Leong, J., ... & Su, A. I. (2016). Wikidata as a semantic framework for the Gene Wiki initiative. Database, 2016, baw015.
  • Ayvaz, S., Horn, J., Hassanzadeh, O., Zhu, Q., Stan, J., Tatonetti, N. P., ... & Dumontier, M. (2015). Toward a complete dataset of drug–drug interaction information from publicly available sources. Journal of biomedical informatics, 55, 206-217.
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