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The GLAM Photo Checklist - speed date the complete list

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Barbara Fischer, Giovanni Profeta

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Barbara Fischer (WMDE);

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Sweden; Italy

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Wikimedia Deutschland; Wikimedia Switzerland and Laboratory of visual culture at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)

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This contribution aims to produce a useful guide for handling pictures created within the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums) context: from alpha to omega. We invite our participants to contribute actively by sharing their expertise and knowledge spurred in a speed dating session.

The session consists in four main phases:

  1. Pitch (10 min): 5 topics are pitched (from content creation to the spread on Wikimedia projects) and illustrated by one teaser slide;
  2. Focus group (30 min): participants split into 5 groups to discuss the topics; they share own experiences and insights emphasizing them in 5 clues;
  3. Checklist (15 min): the 5 groups' ideas are summarized in a complete checklist;
  4. Grab&go (5 min): the readymade list can be uploaded and printed on the spot - the participants can grab them directly.

Five topics are pitched:

  • The ideal reproduction of a GLAM artefact. Starting from the assumption “If we could, it would be us who run the Google Art Project instead of Google!”, the pitch focusses on the essential needs of GLAM imaging. The digitization of the artwork as such.
  • Pictures of GLAM objects. The pitch gives an overview of the challenges to obtain good quality pictures of artworks in their own surrounding contexts: technical/formal barriers to be overcome (such as reflections through showcase, angle of view, lightning conditions). And further aims of photo exkursions by Wikimedians beyond images.
  • Images upload. From batch uploading tools to the use of ready templates, the pitch provides useful tips for uploading images in the GLAM realm.
  • The broader use of structured metadata. Since Wikidata will became the base for the Wikimedia Commons search, the pitch explores the implications of using linked data as a search tool. Presented by NN.
  • Analyzing GLAM contributions through data visualization. Visualizing data about the contributions of GLAMs overtime can be useful to better understand their impact in Wikimedia projects. The pitch shows visual models to graphically explore GLAMs content.
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Intermediate & advanced; experienced in the GLAM realm

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60 minutes

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The GLAM visual Tool Towards a successful GLAM partnership

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