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Myself, at Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario

Hi, I am Wuselig,

active Wikipedian since 2005-08-22.

Over the years my focus has shifted to GLAM-activities, with still strong affections to Wiki loves Monuments and Wiki loves Earth where I was and still am active - in different years, in shifting roles, as contributor, organizer, and/or juror.

  1. Commons:Wuselig (mostly for documentation and reproduction of public domain artwork) and Rainer Halama (Where I care for personal attribution)
  2. Wikidata, mostly related to GLAM-activites around Sum of all paintings
  3. Kulturbotschafter (translates as "Cultural Envoy", a less specifically engaged person than a Wikipedian in Residence, but more commited working as a trusted person to call on when we try to build cooperations with Cultural Institutions than the general volunteer)
  4. German Wikipedia
  5. Wikisource-German section (not so much in recent years, you can only do that much)

In 2022, I was awarded an "Honorary OWL" by the German Community at the German WikiCon for my overall engagement across projects and institutions.