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Templates in common, how to face this challenge
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Benoît Evellin, Amir E. Aharoni
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Trizek (WMF), Amire80
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France, Israel
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Wikimedia Foundation
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Templates are everywhere in Wikimedia wikis. They are a central component of their visual identities and editing workflows.
At the moment, each wiki has its own set of Templates. Some rare projects have dedicated people to maintain them, when those people are around and available. Most of time, someone copiesthe template and hacks it locally. In many projects with few editors, there is no one to deal with templates at all.
On the other hand, some powerful improvements are introduced: 
  • ContentTranslation helps people share knowledge across languaged but this is often complicated by lack of templates portability
  • Lua provides powerful functionalities that are hard to code in wiki syntax, but modules also cannot be shared with other wikis
  • Wikidata is more and more used in templates—especially infoboxes—, but all initiatives are separated.
The idea is to create a common taskforce concerning templates and a central repository for them. We think that with shared needs, shared skills, and shared ideas, the Wikimedia galaxy will get the best templates ever, and this will be entirely driven by the editors community!
This case is also true for Gadgets and Scripts, and the lessons leaned from this experience can be applied to them. This also a way to prepare the future, when more ressources will be in put common through ShadowNamespaces.
What will attendees take away from this session?
We expect the following:
  • gather the best ideas about this comon repository
  • identify priorities and low hanging fruit to start
  • define ways to work together on code, translation, sharing experience, updates...
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55 minutes
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