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The State of Video in the Wikimedia Movement
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panel/roundtable discussion
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Andrew Lih (User:Fuzheado)
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Fuzheado (talk)
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Wikimedia DC, Wikimedia Foundation

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SUMMARY: We discuss the state of the video in Wikimedia Commons and its use in the Wikimedia projects as of 2017. The session will provide an introduction to the landscape for beginners while discussing new developments in video and multimedia for the future.

AUDIENCE: This will provide a an overview of the video standards and challenges to those unfamiliar with video in Wikipedia, while also informing advanced users about the innovations in the past year and development directions.


  • Andrew Lih started the project Wiki Makes Video in 2011
  • Brion Vibber is the Lead Software Architect for the Wikimedia Foundation, and has developed software and systems to allow video playback for Ogg Theora and WebM formats on mobile devices and browsers.
  • Victor Grigas is a Wikimedia Foundation storyteller, videographer and editor.
  • Jan Ainali is a Wikipedian, early adopter and Wikimedia Communs user willing to jump through hoops to upload video.

The session will cover a number of issues

  • Introduction to what videos are accepted on Wikimedia Commons, with comments relevant from both a technical and a community standpoint. We provide some numbers and statistics on how video is being used, and a brief tutorial on conversion methods will be shown.
  • An update on the available tools for the uploading will be presented, including how to get popular formats such as MP4 onto Commons.
  • Where might video be suitable for an article and what might not? We discuss how to record videos useful for articles on Wikipedia. Tips on both hardware and software will be included.
  • Best practices regarding video production and subtitles (also known as “timed text” on Commons) will also be discussed.
  • Future development including progress on Brion Vibber's ogv.js code to play video in any modern browser, and a collaborative video editing solution developed by Mozilla Foundation, and furthered by the Internet Archive and other open source developers.
  • We would like an open discussion on how what needs people have for video production going forward.
What will attendees take away from this session?

Attendees will understand how video is currently used within the Wikimedia community, and get practical guidance on how to produce video content using contemporary tools and methods.

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  • Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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25 minutes presentation, 25 minutes discussion (preferred)
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