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Submissions/Potentialities of a Wiki-dissemination - NeuroMat Case

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This is an Open submission for Wikimania 2017 that has not yet been reviewed by a member of the Programme Committee.

Submission no. 6004 Subject - E2 and C5 and G1
Title of the submission
Potentialities of a Wiki-dissemination - NeuroMat Case
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Author of the submission
David Alves, Horadrim~usurped (personal) and Horadrim (for WIR activities).
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Horadrim~usurped (personal) and Horadrim (for WIR activities).
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User Group Wikimedia in Brazil (UG BR)
Personal homepage or blog
Horadrim~usurped (personal) and Horadrim (for WIR activities), NeuroMat's Dissemination Team Blog (in PT-BR).
Abstract (up to 300 words to describe your proposal)

English: This presentation covers the work made by Brazil's first Wikipedians-in-residence at RIDC NeuroMat, made in a partnership with the User Group Wikimedia in Brazil (UG BR). During 2016, dozens of articles about science were created and improved in what was called Brazil's Year of Science in Wikipedia. The WIR project researched the potentialities of scientific disseminaton in Wikipedia, or how we called it, wiki-dissemination. Studies about Wikipedia from several authors such as Nielsen, Auray, Bruns and Mainguy serve as basis for analyzing current visions present in scientific dissemination theory such as Vogt, and present such potentialities of wiki-dissemination for all parties involved in the process, from scientists, the scientific community, the Wikipedia community to the general public. Visualization data of the articles edited by RIDC NeuroMat have been collected and analyzed to quickly present a partial result from the currently on-going project. This work is based on two scientific articles presented in Brazil at the XXXIX Brazilian Congress of Communication Sciences and the IX National Simposium of the Brazilian Association of Cyberculture Researchers.

Português: Esta apresentação abrange o trabalho realizado pelos primeiros Wikipedistas-em-residência do Brasil no CEPID NeuroMat, feito em parceria com o Grupo de Usuários Wikimedia no Brasil (UG BR). Durante 2016, dezenas de artigos sobre ciência foram criados e aperfeiçoados no que foi chamado de Ano da Ciência Brasileiro na Wikipédia. O projeto WIR pesquisou as potencialidades da disseminação científica na Wikipédia, ou como nós chamamos, da wiki-difusão. Estudos sobre a Wikipédia de vários autores como Nielsen, Auray, Bruns e Mainguy servem de base para analisar visões atuais presentes na teoria da difusão científica, como Vogt, e apresentam tais potencialidades da wiki-difusão para todas as partes envolvidas no processo, dos cientistas, passando pela comunidade científica, a comunidade Wikipédia até o público em geral. Os dados de visualização dos artigos editados pelo CEPID NeuroMat foram coletados e analisados para apresentar rapidamente alguns resultados parciais do projeto. Esse trabalho é baseado em dois artigos científicos apresentando no Brasil no XXXIX Congresso Brasileiro de Ciências da Comunicação e no IX Simpósio Nacional da Associação Brasileira de Pesquisadores em Cibercultura.

What will attendees take away from this session?

English: I believe attendees will be able to understand what are the possible benefits of using Wikipedia as a scientific dissemination partner, hopefully leading into new Wikipedian-in-residence projects in other science institutions and research centers.

Português: Eu acredito que os participantes poderão entender quais são os possíveis benefícios de usar a Wikipédia como uma parceira para a difusão científica, o que espero que leve a novos projetos de Wikipedistas-em-residência em outras instituições científicas e centros de pesquisa.

Theme of presentation
  • WikiCulture & Community; or
  • Education
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From Beginners to Advanced users.

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25 minutes
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Yes, depending on the scholarship.
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Special requests
I'm also proposing a BoF session, in Submissions/Wiki-in-Residence Birds.

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