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My 100 Wikidays: Continuously 3 #100 wikidays and one 100 wikicommons days

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lightning talk with presentation

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Sidhique Kappan

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lightning talk

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Though I created my user account in February 2007, I could contribute more to Wikipedia only after accepting the #100wikidays challenge on August 14, 2016. I completed my first challenge successfully - 200 articles in 100 wikidays- on November 21, and immediately started the second run of the challenge on the next day, without missing a single day. After 21 days, I also undertook the 100WikiCommonsDays challenge in parallel.(started third 100 wikidays attempt). With this lightning talk I would like to explain how #100wikidays transformed an ordinary user of Wikimedia to an active contributor. And I have a lot of risky and funny experience I can present: internet connectivity problems, family and job-related journey issues and sleepless nights... etc. I would like to use this opportunity to explain what is #100wikidays for me and how it magically influenced the increase of number of articles in Wikipedia. Again I strongly believe that through this presentation I can advise others how to prepare before taking up #100wikidays challenge, the hurdles, uncertainties, difficulties and happiness I faced on accepting the challenge and the ways and means I had chosen to overcome those hurdles, and the factors that helped me in that.

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I think,they will take away inspiration and motivation to contribute to wikipedia more regularly themselves. They will learn about how to overcome difficulties in editing and realize the different problems and chances that exist in editing Wikipedia from India.

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WikiCulture & Community

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25 minutes
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Depending on the scholarship

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