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Submissions/Life after WIR - what's the long term impact of Wikimedian in Residence projects?

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Life after WIR: What's the long term impact of Wikimedian in Residence projects?
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Daria Cybulska
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Daria Cybulska (WMUK) (talk)
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Wikimedia UK
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Wikimedia UK’s Wikimedian in Residence programme has been seen as one of the key ways we can engage with external organisations, extending our scale of activities and outreach. However, what tends to happen generally in the WIR programme is stopping engagement with the host organisation as soon as the residency has ended. We would like to know what happens when the WIR has left the residence!

There are several institutions which hosted WIRs in collaboration with WMUK where the residencies came to an end 12+ months ago. There’s a wide range of ways in which these organisations kept working with us, from intensified, wider collaboration, to reducing the engagement with WMUK. We are going back to those organisations after 1-3 years after the residencies ended. Going back to them now to explore what has been happening since the WIRs ended gives us an opportunity to see if our work is achieving an impact at those partner institutions.

Through this work we are:

  • Learning about any long-term impact of WIR on partner institutions, and factors that enabled that
  • Exploring proven approaches to sustainability, and/or discuss further support/projects required

This talk will explain our approach, talk through tools and solutions used, and explore findings.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  • knowledge of the possible impact of Wikimedian in Residence projects, including unexpected outcomes, and barriers to achieving impact from GLAM perspective - which could in turn help attendees advocate for this work in their context
  • ability to plan and structure a long term evaluation project
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25 minutes
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