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Submissions/How to raise awareness for Wikipedia: lessons from Iraq & Nigeria/notes

From Wikimania
  • People liked the video :)
  • How do you describe Wikipedia?
    • Free encyclopedia that anyone can edit
    • Encyclopedia open for everyone's contribution


  • Question: how did localization work? Was it just the articles and titles shown?
  • Answer: due to budget and direction from community, we shot 1 video and swapped out articles and titles to cover 2 languages

Story: guy in the room saw the video and shared it with Russian (with new subtitles) and it was very popular :)


  • Shola
    • Challenges:
      • lack of technical know-how
      • Literacy
      • Poverty level (access)
    • How are you working to raise awareness?
      • WMNG is very focused and ready to push
      • Working with non-wiki organizations
      • Very few contributors, most are just readers
      • Wikipedia Fan Club
    • What makes this good?
      • Just like in NR projects, you need to understand where challenges come from
      • Figure out where low awareness is coming from, take care of those problems. Example: Fan Clubs are people who could be advocates
      • Showing that User Group in such countrie are empowered. Also need for them to be ale to recruit more volunteers
      • More partnership