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Submissions/Geopolitical interactions from a reduced Google matrix view of Wikipedia

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Geopolitical interactions from a reduced Google matrix view of Wikipedia

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Samer El Zant, Dima Shepeylensky, Katia Jaffres-Runser

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Samer El Zant

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Relationship between countries are built upon many factors such as trade exchanges, geographic proximity, cultural heritage, language, religions and so on. Geopolitics studies the influence of a country's geographic space and political power on other countries, exploiting various sources of information related to the aforementioned factors. In fact, the relationship intensity between two countries doesn’t solely impact both countries but as well countries that have ties with them. An increase of collaboration between countries or its deterioration may be beneficial to some different relationships and detrimental to others. This work reveals the potential of Wikipedia mining for geopolitical study. Actually, Wikipedia offers solid knowledge and captures strong correlations among countries by linking web pages together from different pieces of information (e.g. economical, historical, political, and many other). In this work, we study the reduced Google matrix representation of several Wikipedia editions. Reduced google matrix captures direct and hidden interactions between a subset of nodes that are representative of their position in a much larger directed network. We show that direct and hidden links capture very well the strength of countries interactions. But what is even more interesting is that the reduced matrix can be leveraged to understand the impact of a collaboration intensity change. Our study concentrates on two chosen sets of countries: 1) 40 major countries worldwide 2) EU countries. Our aim is to study the relative influence of nations on the other ones for the same set of countries from a multicultural perspective by comparing results extracted from five different Wikipedia language edition: English, Arabic, Russian, French and Deutsche ones. It turns out that we can, with this Wikipedia mining technique, extract the impact of a relationship intensity change on other countries. As an example, reduced Google matrix clearly highlights the negative impact on Ireland and Cyprus caused by the Brexit.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  • Reduced Google Matrix analysis on different Wikipedia editions.
  • Indirect relationships between countries.
  • Cross-culture interactions between countries from different Wikipedia editions.
  • Reliability of Wikipedia in Geopolitics.
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25 minutes
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