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WIKIMANIA 2017 SESSION Wiki Loves Monuments

Hello! Wecome to the Wikimania presentation on Wiki Loves Monuments 2017



Everything You Need to Know About Wiki Loves Monuments 2017

Day & time
   Saturday, 14:30
Session link
   LilyOfTheWest, Lodewijk, Stephen, Pawel
Stephen, JeanFred


Welcome from the international team!

What is WLM? It's a global, annual, federated photo competition for built cultueral heritage (or as we call, it monuments!)

Are we done? no. Many listed monuments have no photos, and monuments need more than one photo.

Happy announcements:

  1. Partnership with Flickr! They will orgainze a photo walk, and will use the monuments list to promote.
  2. Very generous donation, a camera and lens -- a Canon 5D Mark IV w/ 50mm f/1.2 lens

Where are we now? We have a large number of countries participating. We have about 40 countries participating.

Current projects of the international team 1/ Maintain infrastructure

  • Onboard new countriers
  • Maintain current tech (ErfgoedBot, database)
  • Montage jury tool

2/ Wikidata migration Goal is to migrate all monuments data to Wikidata

  • 7 migrated, 8 more in progress (as part of the international team efforts ; more efforts have been / are happening)
  • ~184K items edited
  • ~174K items created

On the TODO list: we should document the monuments migration to Wikidata.

3/ Monumental (!)

The monumental tool exposes monuments from Wikidata (and only Wikidata!)

It is right now an exploration tool, and by September will also be a WLM-contribution tool. It will already be used experimentally for some countries this year ; it is meant to be the main contribution channel next year.

What do we need to do if monuments don't show up? Check if it's imported on Wikidata, and includes geo coords.

Most of the countries next year, some this year.

Bonus: We have a photo walk tool, for Flickr users and everyone else!

Finally, what do you need to do to participate?

- Let everyone know. - Make sure there is a landing page. On Commons or your page - Make sure there is a good list of monuments - You can wait, but make sure there is a jury and prizes -- the top 10 winners go on to the international competition.

If you need help, there is a help desk and a mailing list you can join!

Flickr blog:

Feature request for Monumental -- can it show the restriction on photography?

Commons categry with leaflets:

Please share your documents on Commons − and source files too (somwhere else, since commons likely does not accept the format)