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Efforts of Wiki Women Mangaluru towards Gender and Linguistic Inclusiveness

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Dhanalakshmi K. T.

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Dhanalakshmi .K. T

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Wiki Women Mangaluru

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A small group of girl students and women aroundd Mangaluru, Karnataka, India, got together and decided to work towards increasing the gender diversity in Wikimedia projects. Wiki Women Mangaluru is born to address the well-know gender gap in Wikipedia and other projects in Wikipedia movement. It all started by girl students at St Agnes College Mangaluru conducting two theme based edit-a-thons in which more than 25 girl students have participated. In thse editathons, articles were added about women writers of coastal Karnataka and about medicinal plants, to Kannada Wikipedia. The aim was to increase the women editors for Kannada Wikipedia as well as increase women related articles in Kannada Wikipedia. The success of the programs led us to create an informal group called Wiki Women Mangaluru. Wikiwomen Mangaluru aims to encourage more women to become Wikipedia editors and also address the difficulties and challenges faced by women while contributing to Wikipedia and editing its pages. Regular meetups and editathons are being organised at Mangaluru to achieve these goals. Since Mangaluru is home to many cultures and languages Wiki Women Mangaluru is focused on the major languages used in that area, viz. Kannada, Tulu and Konkani. Kannada Wikipedia is a matured Wikipedia whereas Tulu and Konkani are nascent Wikipedias. I would like to present my experiences in organising these programs.

What will attendees take away from this session?

Attendees will get to know -

  • The experiences of organising women Wikipedians meetups and editathons
  • The factors that motivate women to contribute more to Wikipmedia amovement
  • The ground realities of a women community which is heavy on digital divide and how we put forth our efforts to bidge this by using Wikipedia as a platform

Attendees also can share their experience form their part of te world which may help us to further improve our efforts.

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WikiCulture & Community

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25 minutes
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