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Edit-a-thons with a Twist: Events of Protest
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Birds of a feather discussion
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Tanveer Hasan AK and Shobha SV
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Birds of a Feather Discussion, Roundtable discussion
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Lahariyaniyathi and Shobhasv11
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Centre for Internet and Society
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Events of protest were series of edit-a-thons and Scan-a-thon that Shobha SV and I organised with support from CIS to encourgae participation, content generation and improving reach regarding initiatives taken to bridge the glaring gender gap present on Global Wikimedia projects in general and Indic Wikimedia projects in particular.

We have conducted 12 events averaging one per month across a period of one year and have worked with various interest groups such as lawyers, musicians, academicians, activists, writers and like minded enthusiasts. Most of these participants were first time Wikimedians and shared with us the concern of the appalling gender gap present on Wikimedia projects. Many of them have continued to be associated with Wikimedia projects by editing, conducting outreach and involving Wikimedia activities in their course of work after participating in the edit-a-thons

What will attendees take away from this session?

Attendees will take away: # Working with special interest groups to augment content to bridge gender gap

  1. Tackling the problem to scarce resources and non traditional resources that can be employed to create articles
  2. Strategies to involve and establishing synergies between various stake holders such as Wikimedia Volunteers, participating researchers/volunteers and organising team for conducting an high impact event
  3. Employing social media and new media for coverage, reach and discussion about the event both pre and post the event
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25 minutes
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I will not be able to attend
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