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Clearing copyright with Wikidata

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Hanno Lans

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the netherlands

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In the world of visuals there is a lot uncertainty if you may or may not show and re-use artwork. It’s for example not clear who is the artist, if the work is without copyright or if the author has been dead long enough to have the works in the public domain and if not, who is the copyright holder and if a collective copyright collectors society represents the artist or the heirs. For years, museums and individuals do this research for each and every artwork and artist individually consuming a lot of time and resources.

We started the project CopyClear to check the copyright en masse by using and enriching Wikidata with copyright related information. We started with querying museum collections, copyright databases and wikidata to enrich wikidata with all the data needed to calculate and handle the copyright like relevant dates, name variants, contacts and copyright identification numbers. We did tests together with the Dutch museum Boijmans van Beuningen and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam if it is possible to automatic run through the whole collection, map it to WIkidata and report and verify the copyrights. Sponsored by the Fonds voor de Creatieve Industrie and SIDN we will present the results and will discuss the potential side effects as this method might be useful for the creative sector and detect material that might be re-used.

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Learn how to mass clear copyright of collections, mapping Wikidata to art and to clear the cloud and fear around copyright.

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  • Legal & Free Culture
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25 minutes

25 minutes

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